Stay Cool In Men's Summer Dress Pants

Buying a quality pair of quality men’s pants can be a great confidence booster. Then, with your long trousers in tow, you check the local weather report: heat, heat, and more heat. How are you supposed to enjoy the confidence boost of a great pair of trousers when the weather won’t cooperate? That’s where a great pair of men’s summer dress pants comes in. Shop Berle today!


Choose Fabric Weave Appropriate For Summer

Cotton is a great friend to anyone who wants to stay cool in the summer. But that doesn’t mean you should only look at the content of the fabric. Also consider the type of fabric weave, or the pattern that was used to construct your trousers.

For example, Sunny Stretch Twill is a great woven pattern for staying cool. By using 98% compact cotton and 2% spandex, the fabric is light, stretchy, and airy. This gives you the ability to enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing everything that a quality pair of khakis can bring to your style. Pair it with a cool blazer up top and you can even wear it to the office.

Keep The Colors Light

Believe it or not, the color of your pants really does affect how much heat and light they absorb from the sun. Ever notice that if you wear a black shirt on a summer day, it simply feels hotter than a white shirt would? It’s not a myth: dark colors will tend to absorb more sunlight, which in turns means hotter clothes.

For example, have a look at our Charleston Khakis in Stretch Twill. Not only do they use stretch compact twill to provide a physical boost in “coolness,” but they’re available in lighter colors that will reflect more sun and keep you feeling fresh. Don’t forget to explore our Performance Dress Khakis, either. These are available in white, which can be the most summer-friendly color of all.You don’t want that happening. That’s why you should turn to lighter colors when looking for a great pair of men’s summer dress pants. Opt for colors like khaki, light blue, white, “stone,” and more.

Don’t Forget The Rest Of The Outfit

While it’s important to search for the fabric weaves and colors that will keep you cool this summer, don’t forget that the rest of your outfit will have a major impact on your body temperature as well. Avoid stuffing yourself into heavy clothes. If you can, wear short-sleeves when possible. Look for the same types of fabric weaves as you search for sports jackets and blazers. And don’t forget that lighter colors are your friend during the summer.

Shop Berle Today

Want to find plenty of light, summery options in modern men’s summer dress pants? Continue browsing the trouser collections here at Berle for a wide range of clothing selections that will have you both looking and feeling your best, all summer long.