Great Men's Weekend Pants Options

You know the look: a style that’s put-together without looking like you’ve spent a lot of hard work putting it together. Stylish and effortless at the same time. It’s that sophisticated-yet-casual weekend look, and it can be hard to define—but you know it when you see it. To achieve this look, start with the right articles of clothing. Here’s a list of great men’s weekend pants options for Berle to help you find that perfect balance between dressy and casual.

Performance Dress Khakis

The weekend isn’t just about looking good. It’s also about comfort and performance. If you don’t have a pair of pants that can stand up to a little staining and wrinkling—is it really a good pair of pants? We’d venture not. That’s why we recommend Performance Dress Khakis. Get a versatile color like white or stone to make sure these khakis fit with everything in your wardrobe—or go darker with Navy to ensure that you can pair these khakis with something no matter what time of year you wear them.

Seersucker Flat Front

There’s nothing that looks more elegant for less work than seersucker. A pair of Seersucker Flat Front pants will help you look your Sunday best while only requiring the work of... well, putting them on. After that, you’re free to match seersucker with just about anything in your wardrobe for that sophisticated-yet-casual, elegant-yet-simple look that’s ideal for weekend outings and visits with friends.

You might guess that pairing a seersucker trouser with a T-shirt might not always be the best fit. And you’d be right. But seersucker still has plenty of versatility for golfing, weddings, get-togethers, weekend barbecues, and more.

Dress Khakis In Flat Front

While the Performance Dress Khakis above are great for weekend use, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a go-to pair of khakis to spare. Whether you use these khakis during the week or on weekend excursions and casual outings, you’ll find that there’s nothing more versatile in your wardrobe than a quality pair of khakis like these Dress Khakis in Flat Front.

While the label may say “dress,” there’s plenty of smartness and casual style here to warrant an addition to your dresser. Material like wrinkle-resistant twill makes these khakis easy to fold up, pack for a weekend trip, and grab right out of the drawer for instant use.

More Find Trousers From Berle

An effortless look is about more than simply grabbing something from your closet and heading out. It’s about picking the right clothes in the first place. Have a look at all the casual pants options here at Berle for the perfect men’s weekend pants!