Lightweight Dress Pants That Keep You Cool

Be honest: sometimes long pants aren’t always your first choice. On stifling hot days, there’s nothing you’d rather be wearing than a nice pair of shorts and a T-shirt. But not all of us can make that choice. We have obligations like work and formal events that require something a little less casual, even on the hot days. How do you cope? Try these lightweight dress pants that keep you cool!







Trouser Selection 101

Finding the best pants to keep you cool starts with understanding what types of trousers to pick. You don’t want a heavy trouser that will insulate you in the summer. Those are the types of clothes you want to keep tucked away in the dresser until autumn.

But which fabrics and trousers do fit summer well? There are a few things you’ll need to know to find the perfect lightweight breathable khakis:

  • Stick with cotton. Cotton weaves such as twill or seersucker are light, breezy, and will generally keep the air circulating better than a fabric like wool. Look for trousers with a majority cotton content, although other materials like spandex and polyester might be present.
  • Look for a relaxed fit. Our Charleston Khakis in Stretch Twill come with a relaxed fit, which opens up the airways for plenty of heat to move away from your skin. It’s important not to go a size up here—after all, you don’t want your pants to be so large that they’re obviously ill-fitting—but you don’t have to keep a trim, tight fit on every hot day, either.
  • Wear lighter colors. Lighter colors reflect sunlight, which is important if you’re going to be outdoors for an extended period of time. That’s why the color known as “Charleston Brick” is so ideal for spring and summer. It’s a light, casual take on formal wear that’s designed for both indoor and outdoor wear.

Follow these rules and you’ll have no problem finding the right long pants for the hot summer. Want some suggestions for the best work pants that keep you cool? We thought you’d never ask.

Men’s Lightweight, Breathable Dress Pants

Just because it’s hot outside doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the formal style you need for work and other obligations. Here are a few of our favorite  lightweight dress pants for summer:








  • Seersucker Flat Front Pants: Seersucker is made for the summer, which is why these light-colored pants will be such a successful addition to your summer wardrobe. The 100% cotton fabric checks all the boxes on your summertime checklist.
  • Performance Dress Khakis Pleated: The cotton twill here is both wrinkle and stain-resistant, giving you extra performance—which is especially important when you start sweating. The double pleat here adds a touch of formality that’s especially good with navy blazers, dark jackets, and suits.
  • Basic Pleated Khakis: Go with the lighter option here for some extra strength against the summer heat. There’s nothing more versatile than your basic pair of khakis—so don’t be surprised if this becomes your new summer staple.

Want more stylish lightweight trousers for beating the heat? Have a look at the collections available here at Berle!