Should You Get Your Shorts Tailored for Summer Fashion?

For many guys, the arrival of summer means it’s finally shorts season. Maybe you’ve been looking forward to wearing your favorite shorts all year with T-shirts, tank tops, and more. But did you know that your shorts could look even better?

The secret is tailoring. You might wonder if you should get your shorts tailored for summer fashion. Let us break down the answer for you in detail.

Can You Tailor Your Shorts?

Absolutely! There’s no reason to think that you can’t ask for your shorts to be tailored by a professional garment adjuster. The only reason more people don’t tailor their shorts is they don’t think it’s necessary.

But the truth is, your shorts might look a little baggy, loose, or tight on your hips and around your thighs, depending on your size and the shorts you choose to wear. By tailoring your shorts, they will look made for you as an individual, helping you feel more comfortable and maximizing the effectiveness of any outfit you choose to don.

Fortunately, you can get your shorts tailored at practically any garment tailor in town. If you already have a tailor you rely on for your pants adjustments, jacket alterations, and other tailoring work, rest assured they can also tackle your shorts for you in short order.

Differences Between Tailoring Shorts and Pants

That said, there are some differences between tailoring shorts and pants. That’s because shorts – by their very nature – are smaller garments compared to pants. For example, if you want to taper your shorts so the sizes of the leg openings decrease as they get lower down on your leg, the tailor also has to consider the inseam and the waist.

Every aspect of a pair of shorts affects the other elements much more directly. Taking in your shorts will affect the leg openings, for example, and vice versa. Because of this, making a small alteration to a pair of shorts often means altering the entire garment.

Keep this in mind when seeking out someone to alter your shorts. If you need your shorts quickly, expect them to take about a week or so to complete the work if they are heavily booked and have a lot of customers.

Does it Cost a Lot to Tailor Shorts?

That depends on who you work with and the exact alterations you need. Generally, however, tailoring your shorts is cheaper than tailoring a pair of pants. Some average prices include:

  • Tapering the legs – $35
  • Taking in the waist – $15
  • Changing buttons – $2
  • Shortening the length of your shorts – $10
  • Slimming the shorts body – $15

Note that some of these alterations may be needed altogether, as described above. For instance, if you need to taper the legs of your shorts, that might also require taking in the waist, so you may have to pay the fees for both alterations depending on the policies of the tailor you work with.

Why Tailor Your Shorts for Summer Fashion?

Simply put, because it will make your shorts look better and make you look more stylish than before! Tailoring your shorts will help them fit your body, making them seem more fashionable, especially when paired with other carefully selected garments, like tailored shirts. Imagine tailoring these Classic Linen Shorts from Berle, then pairing them with a perfectly tailored polo shirt or dress shirt.

However, tailoring your shorts for summer fashion can also increase the comfort of those garments. Overly baggy shorts may require you to tighten your belt uncomfortably, making you sweat and making you feel uncomfortable whenever you bend over or crouch. Properly tailored shorts may not need a belt at all, and if they do, you’ll only need to wear one loosely.

Furthermore, comfortable summer shorts will prevent you from sweating too much or making your crotch area heat up. That’s a big benefit, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors this summer with your friends and family members. It’s also ideal if you wear shorts in the workplace. Tailoring these Charleston Khaki Shorts from Berle could help you accomplish your workplace duties quickly and comfortably, as an example.


In the end, you can and often should get your shorts tailored for summer fashion success. In fact, properly tailored shorts can make you look better than ever and ensure that your favorite shorts fit you perfectly.

When it comes to tailored shorts perfect for summer fashion, you can’t get better than Berle. Check out our selection of tailored shorts today!