What to Wear with Seersucker Pants This Summer

Seersucker is a lightweight, breathable cotton fabric that is a popular choice for summer fashion. Indeed, seersucker can be found as a jacket material, trouser material, and shirt material. If you’ve already put together a summertime wardrobe, odds are you have at least one pair of seersucker pants.

But what should you wear with those trousers to look your best? Turns out, there are a few different options you can pursue. Let’s take a closer look.

Seersucker Shirts

In most cases, when you wear one article of seersucker, you should make sure your other main articles are made of the same material. That's because seersucker is highly stylish, and it looks visually distinctive. If you just wear one seersucker article, but your other articles are made of different materials, you could look oddly dressed if there’s too much contrast.

To that end, you might consider pairing your seersucker pants with a seersucker shirt. Seersucker shirts are ideal for sitting outdoors, attending outdoor summer weddings, and much more. They’ll wick away moisture and prevent you from having to deal with sweat stains on your lower back or under your arms.

Dress Shirts

Alternatively, you might want to wear a dress shirt made of a different material with your seersucker pants. Common dress shirts made of cotton or linen can also work, particularly the latter – linen looks somewhat similar to seersucker in certain shades.

Dress shirts made of different materials can help you to vary your look and add some more color and texture to your overall ensemble. However, just make sure you pick the right dress shirt for your seersucker trousers. Good dress shirts should be the right color and be an appropriate fabric, both for your comfort and for overall outfit cohesion.

Seersucker Jackets

Seersucker jackets are natural pairings with seersucker pants. That’s why you’ll often see full suits made of seersucker materials. They just look great! Imagine pairing your favorite seersucker jacket with these Seersucker Flat Front Pants from Berle – both articles would complement the other in an ideal way.

Seersucker jackets, like shirts, are cooling, flexible, and very stylish. These lightweight outerwear articles are perfect for warm summer nights and long, hot days outdoors. They pair very nicely with fitted slacks and normal dress shoes, but pairing them with complementarily colored seersucker trousers is just the ticket for many men.

If you choose to wear a seersucker suit including a jacket and trousers, you might consider actually wearing a dress shirt made of a different material. Wearing too much of seersucker can be a bit “loud” depending on the social occasion you plan to attend.

Wearing Shoes with Seersucker Pants

Every complete outfit has to include shoes, and it might be tough to pair the right footwear with your seersucker trousers.

Generally, seersucker pants are light in color. They’re found in shades like white, cream, beige, baby blue, and so on. This is actually a good thing in your search for the best shoes to wear with your seersucker pants; you can pair them with practically any shoe style or color.

For example, you can wear seersucker pants with brown leather shoes, white sneakers, oxfords, or something else entirely! Given this flexibility, you should pick out the best shoes for the occasion at hand, considering formality level, the color of your seersucker trousers, etc.

Accessories for Your Apparel

To wrap up your outfit and make it a complete look, you'll want to don at least a few different accessories. As a stylish, fashion-forward man, some good ideas include:

  • Metallic watches are better for more formal occasions or if your seersucker outfit has a “cooler” vibe. Watches with leather bands are better for more casual get-togethers
  • A bow tie. You can wear a bowtie with a seersucker jacket, shirt, and set of pants if you are attending a formal occasion, like a summer wedding. You can also opt for a more traditional tie depending on what your look calls for
  • A belt. A thin, light brown belt will fit the majority of seersucker pants without overwhelming the outfit or seeming out of place

Wrap Up

Ultimately, it’s up to you to pick the right complementary articles to wear with your seersucker pants this summer. Fortunately, the sky’s the limit! You can wear other seersucker articles or something else entirely.

At Berle, we have a variety of tailored seersucker trousers for you to check out. Start your search for the perfect seersucker outfit with us!