Style Hacks For Men – 4 Quick Tips For Your Trousers

You’ve heard of life hacks before. These “hacks” are just simple little tips and tricks that make every day a little bit more convenient. But few life hacks can have the same effect as those which promise to improve the fit and look of the trousers you wear. After all, you’ll spend several hours a day wearing your dress trousers, which is why style hacks for men can yield yearlong comfort and convenience. Here are a few of our favorites. 

If You’re Losing Weight, Try a Belt Hole Puncher

Congratulations on losing weight and getting fit—but you know better than anyone else how frustrating it can be to modify your wardrobe as you improve your physique. One of the top style hacks for men is to improve the way pants you already own fit. If you’ve invested in an expensive leather belt, one way to get more mileage out of it is by using a leather hole puncher. When your belt is loose even on its last hole, you don’t have to swap it out for something equally expensive. A hole-puncher specifically designed for belts—don’t use the ones designed for paper—will save you money and keep you looking your best.

Button Your Tight Pants with This Trick 

Let’s say you're on the opposite end of the clothing modification spectrum: your pants are a little too tight. You want the snug fit, but you don’t want to struggle to get the button through. Use an elastic hair loop and bring it around the button. Then pull that loop through the button hole on the other side, using the loop to guide things through. This has the loop do the work your pinched fingers would otherwise do. It saves your fingertips and cuts down on morning frustration. Of course, the need for this style hack can be eliminated with a properly tailored pair of trousers.

Keep Your Fly Zipped

One of the most mortifying things that can happen in the world of men’s trousers is to leave your fly down. If you have a big meeting or interview, the effect can be even more damaging. But you can skip the embarrassment entirely by using an elastic band or zip holder, putting it through the top of your zipper, and hooking it around your top button. The simple change in habit won’t take more than a second or two, and you’ll never have to worry about a free-roaming zipper again.

Eliminate Odors with Acid

“Acid” sounds a little strong, but your application of this effective cleaning product doesn’t have to be. Use a little lemon juice or a vinegar solution in a spray bottle, and spray it onto your pants before washing. Let it sit a little while so the acid can destroy the bacteria or fungi that’s doing the odor-causing damage. After that, you’re ready for a wash—the pants should come through the laundry smelling as fresh and clean as ever, with no lemon or vinegar scent left over.

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