Men’s Trousers Fashion Tips – Avoid These Simple Mistakes

“Knowing,” they say, “is half the battle.” That’s certainly the case here. All it takes to avoid the classic mistakes committed with men’s trousers fashion is knowledge. The problem? So few of these mistakes are put together in one place for your review. That’s why we at Berle have assembled some of the most common trouser fashion mistakes and put them all in the same place—so you never have to commit them again. Here are the blunders you need to avoid.

Mixing & Matching Your Colors

The most common men's trousers fashion blunder is subtle and hard to detect. In fact, you might not even recognize them half the time you see them. But that doesn’t mean you should forget them, either:

  • Black pants with a navy coat. Generally speaking, a pair of black trousers is dressy, for formal occasions and important business meetings. A navy coat can be more casual. Mixing these two up might work within your palette, but there’s something “off” about it that can’t be placed. Think of this as the pants-and-coat equivalent of mixing white socks with black shoes. In most cases, it simply won’t work.
  • Black with brown. These are two very powerful colors in your wardrobe. But think of them as opposite ends of the magnetic poles of fashion. For any particular outfit, you’re going to have to pick either one or the other. If you’re wearing brown shoes, then you’re going to need to stick with blue, green, gray pants, for example. If you’re wearing black shoes, grey and navy are better options. But black trousers with brown shoes—it’s a look that’s very hard to pull off no matter how experienced you might be in this realm.

Sizing &Other Men’s Trousers Fashion Problems

Mixing colors is just the beginning of the blunders. Here are some other subtle mistakes to steer clear from:

  • Letting long pants go unhemmed. Your trousers may feel great. They may fit great in every other area. But if the bottom of the pants are too long, you risk all sorts of problems: exposure to snow in the winter, getting caught under your shoes in the summer. We at Berle don’t want you to make this mistake, so make sure you indulge in our complimentary hemming.
  • Thinking expense is more important than fit. Not so. A well-fitting T-shirt can look better than even the most expensive suit if the suit’s fit is all wrong. Sure, the suit shows that you’re taking yourself seriously…but if you ignore the most basic aspects of tailoring and fit, it simply looks like you found the suit in a bargain bin and put it on. That’s why it’s always a good idea to find self-sizer trousers online whenever you can.

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When it comes to men’s fashion trousers, avoiding these four mistakes will put you light years ahead of most, but it’s not the end of the road. Keep browsing all of our fine men’s trousers for inspiring looks and exceptional fits.