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At Berle, quality comes first. Our pants are built to last, which can save you money in the long run, as you won't have to regularly purchase new pants. But that doesn't mean we don't provide affordable dress pants options. Browse our featured pieces below, and be sure to check out our sales section for discounted prices on your favorite styles!

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More Tailored Options

There are even more great men's tailored dress pants options available at Berle. Browse our full collection today!

Having a great wardrobe doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune. With the right tips in hand and a little bit of patience, you can practice the budget-friendly habits that will stock your dresser with great trousers at just a fraction of the cost. Don’t believe us? Here’s a few tips for getting affordable dress pants.

Ways To Save On Dress Pants

Struggling to find affordable men's dress pants? Here are some ways you can save money on your next purchase.

Before You Size Up Or Down, Consider A Tailor First

Before you buy a completely new article of clothing, consider taking them to a tailor first. A small fee can be the difference between a pair of pants that fits like a glove and something that looks like you bought it years ago.Let’s say you’ve already invested in a great pair of casual pants from Berle. So far, so good. You love the pants and the way they fit. But over time, you find that you’re the one that changes—the pants no longer fit. You need to size up or size down.

Wait For A Gift

It’s not always a good idea to sit around and wait for someone to buy you something. That’s just setting yourself up for disappointment. But what if you need a new pair of trousers and your family has a Secret Santa pool every year? Suddenly, you know exactly what to ask for. Pick out your favorite pair of trousers from Berle, and put them on your list.

This can test your patience. And if you need a pair of trousers in the meantime, it’s usually better to do it yourself. But if you can spare a month or two, wait until you have occasion to ask for a new pair of trousers. A great gift pair of pants is just as good, or even better than a pair of affordable dress pants!

Constantly Check For Sales

Sometimes you don’t have to do the saving yourself. All you have to do is wait until your favorite company offers a sale. We encourage you to regularly check the Berle sale section to find a great pair of affordable dress pants. Make this simple click a regular habit when you shop online and you’ll often find that your favorite items can be had for less.

Shop For Trouser Versatility

Your first bet for stocking up on affordable trousers is to look for versatility. There are a few kinds of versatility to consider:

  • Versatility of color. A classic khaki color—such as those you see in our Charleston Khakis in Stretch Twill—easily matches with a wide range of colors. That make khaki trousers ideal for pairing with blazers, jackets, button-down shirts, a variety of ties, and polos. If you want to stretch the value of your trousers, make sure that you purchase trousers that “go with everything.”
  • Versatility of clothing type. Can your trousers be dressed up and dressed down? A good pair of denim, for example, has plenty of versatility—but it can’t really be paired with anything too formal. On the other hand, your choice of Charleston Khakis can go with everything from suit jackets to T-shirts. This gives you a wide range of selections throughout the week and well into the weekend.
  • Versatility of fabric. It’s hard to go wrong with 100% cotton—as you’ll find with our Washed Charleston Khakis. But if you find yourself looking for something else, you’ll generally want to stick to versatile fabrics like Wool (in our Wool Flannel pants) or Cotton and Polyester combinations. Just make sure that the fabric combination features fabrics you’re familiar with and are likely to enjoy. In most cases, that will mean securing a versatile fabric that’s suitable for both cool and warm weather.

Understand Your Measurements

It’s all well and good to know which pants to pick up when you want custom-fit pair of trousers for less than the cost of visiting an actual tailor. But what about replicating the tailoring experience? How can you ensure that your pants fit the way you want them to?

One good technique is to look at a pair of pants that already fit you well and measure them. The most important measurements here include:

  • Inseam: The length from the bottom of the crotch to the bottom hem of one leg of the pants. This is generally referred to as the overall “length” of your pants.
  • Rise: The length from the inseam to the top of the waist. High-rise pants tend to look “high-waisted,” and low-rise pants reveal more skin. You’ll want a rise that’s comfortable for belting around your waist.
  • Waist: Trouser waist is different from your actual waist—in this context, it refers to your belt length.

Use The Sales And Discounts Already Available

If you browse through our collections at Berle, you’ll see plenty of prices posted. But did you know you can have a 10% discount on anything you see here? Simply by signing up to our newsletter, you’ll have access to a discount that you can apply when you shop online, giving you a quick leg up when it comes to buying the trousers you need.

When You See An Opportunity, Jump On It

Finally, paying the frugal price for great clothing means jumping on an opportunity as soon as you see it. If you hesitate, the sale may run out. That’s why we encourage you to check out everything from our tailored trousers to our shorts and use the discounts available to you. After all, being frugal doesn’t mean being cheap. It means finding the best quality for the lowest possible cost. Here, you’ll find both.