3 Ways To Hold Pants Up Without A Belt

Admit it, guys: sometimes, you use your belt to cheat a little. If a pair of pants is too big for you—and you know it’s too big—you cinch on your belt and imagine that because it feels like it fits, it also looks like it fits. But here’s a good rule of thumb: if the pants don’t fit without a belt, they won’t fit properly even with a belt. Seem counter-intuitive? It’s actually a great way to tell whether your pants will give you the slim, comfortable silhouette you’re after. Even better, it will allow you to hold your pants up without a belt. Here’s how to achieve that look with your next purchase of men’s trousers.

Try Tailored Trousers

Berle can help you out in this regard, as we offer a variety of tailored trousers. These trousers can be custom-fit to your specifications even before you see them, as we let you input variables like rise, inseam, bottom finish, and the ever-essential waist size. If you want your pants to fit without a belt, learn these numbers first.

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Try "Self-Sizer" Trousers

The purpose of a belt is to help hug the pants to your body to keep them from falling. What if you could get that functionality right in the pants you own, rather than having to rely on a belt? That's what we've made possible with Berle Self-Sizer Trousers. These pants feature a unique band that can be easily adjusted for up to 2" of leeway. Get the right fit even as you grow! These pants are made to last.

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Order From The Same Company

Two words: brand loyalty. It matters. The dirty little secret in trouser sizing is that brands vary. “36” with one brand might not be “36” with another. That means it’s good to develop a relationship with a supplier of men’s trousers to get an idea of which sizes will fit you better.

Try the Pants On Without a Belt

This step is simple. If you want to hold pants up without a belt or suspenders, they ought to fit right on their own. When you wear the trousers out and about, do they stay up even if you don’t have a belt?

Keep in mind that this can be a bit like trying on shoes. Even pants that feel like they fit at first can feel a little different once you’ve been wearing them for a little while. Take your time and really give the trousers a shot. If they start slipping and sagging throughout the day, you might have a little more tightening to do at the waist.

Understand Waist Measurement

One of the big problems with buying trousers online is that many people hear “waist size” and think of two different things. There is the waist of the trousers themselves—the very top where the belt loops can be found. Then there’s the “waist” when it comes to body measurement, which is actually around the belly.

Reconciling these two different meanings of “waist” can be difficult. You can wear a size 32 waist trouser and have a larger “waist” when you get measured at the tailor.To eliminate these problems, look at the best-fitting pair of trousers you own. What is their pant waist size? That can provide you with the measuring stick—so to speak—from which to measure other trousers. As you browse a site like Berle, remember that trouser waists are different from suit waists. This will eliminate the confusion and keep your trouser fit on point.

The Perfect Fit

Pants that don’t fit, even with a belt, are frustrating. A close relationship with a manufacturer, ditching the belt while sizing, and understanding your true waist size can all help you to hold pants up without a belt. Want to find the trousers that will fit you—with or without a belt? Then browse our men’s collection here at Berle and enter in your measurements for a tailored look.