Tips for Styling Patterned Trousers

Not everyone wears patterned trousers every day. But when they do, they work hard to make them count. Patterned trousers can definitely stand out and help you make an impact on other people and at any occasion.

But you need to consider a few things when you are wearing patterned trousers. If you want to really achieve some great style with your patterned trousers, it doesn’t take much work but it does require some forethought and effort.

Even with the work, styling patterned trousers can be a fun and exciting and unique way to add a lot of variety and personality to your wardrobe and outfit. It doesn’t matter if you have floral prints, stripes, checks, or any other pattern, there are many ways to have great and stunning style with your patterned trousers. 

How To Style With Your Patterned Trousers

Before you can do anything, the first step in styling with your patterned trousers is figuring out which pair you are going to put on. There are is a wide variety of patterned trousers so you need to settle on which ones you like most. After that, you can move onto the next step in this process so you are looking as good as can be.  

Balance with Solid Colors

When wearing your patterned trousers, you have to work hard to balance the entire outfit with solid-colored shirts, jackets, and other accessories. This works to make a visually appealing look for you. You can choose any colors that complement or match the dominant color in the pattern. Not sure which colors match? The good news is that you can Google the colors that you have and you will find out if they work well together.

Match the Dominant Color

You need a guide to move forward in the outfit selection process. To do this, you will pick a color from the pattern and then use it to guide your choice of top or shoes. This will help tie your outfit together and also create a cohesive appearance.

Neutral Accessories

Of course, you don’t have to put on more color on top of color. Sometimes you need to go with something neutral. Neutral accessories such as black or nude shoes, purses, and other accessories can help tone down a bold pattern and let the trousers become the central focus. 

Simple Tops

Sometimes less is more. You would be wise to opt for a simple, understated top when you are wearing patterned trousers with your outfit. For example, a plain white or black blouse, a solid-colored sweater, or a basic t-shirt will provide you balance and also let the trousers shine.

Mix with Texture

Combining patterns with textured pieces will add some depth to your outfit, which is always a great look and a good idea. For example, pair textured knitwear or a tweed blazer with patterned trousers for an interesting contrast.

Keep Proportions in Mind

Consider the proportions of the outfit you’re wearing. If your trousers have a bold pattern, for example, choose something that is more fitted to bring balance to the look. At the same time, if the trousers are made with a subtle pattern, you can then experiment with looser and oversized tops.

Consider the Occasion

You should always keep in mind what you are wearing your clothing for because that could have a huge impact on the choices you make. Think about where you'll be wearing the outfit and who you'll be around and the overall atmosphere of the event. Some patterns are more casual, while others can be dressed up for more formal occasions.

Play with Color Coordination

Don't be afraid to experiment with color coordination. For example, if your patterned trousers have a mix of colors, you can pick one of the less dominant colors and use it for your shoes or accessories. 

Confidence is Key

As with all things related to fashion, you need to believe in yourself. Styling patterned trousers can be a bold fashion choice. Confidence in your outfit can make a big difference in how it's perceived. Always rock your look with confidence.

Consider the Season

Keep in mind the season when wearing patterned trousers. Lighter, floral patterns may work well for spring and summer, while darker or plaid patterns can be great for fall and winter. 


Remember that personal style is subjective, so don't be afraid to express yourself and have fun experimenting with different combinations. The key is to find a balance that suits your taste and makes you feel confident and comfortable. If you do this correctly, you will look great but you will also feel great too.