Requests to Make of Your Tailor

A tailor is highly skilled at making your clothes look perfect and well-fit. They can get the job done whether it’s an alteration, custom creation, or something that may be out of the ordinary. This guide will discuss the requests you can make to your tailor.

In order for these requests to be fulfilled, you need to make sure that communication is important. Double-check to make sure that your tailor has the ability to perform certain tasks. There may be some things that they might not be able to do for certain reasons such as fulfilling requests that may be too complex.

With that said, if you are unsure of what you can ask your tailor to do - keep reading. Let’s begin.

An Initial Consultation

The first meeting with a tailor you never worked with is always going to be crucial. Because they need to know your kind of style. It should be important to provide them with the right information regarding specific measurements for shirts, pants, and jackets.

At Berle, we listen to what your specific measurements are so we can put something together just for you. This includes our Wool Flannel trousers that are available in pleated or flat front. We believe in meeting your needs rather than assuming that pre-made pants will be good enough for you in terms of fit.

The first meeting with a tailor you intend on working with long-term will require an exchange of information. As mentioned, the size measurements are something you want to share. Another is the type of styles that you prefer wearing.

Special requirements and design ideas are not always out of the question. So if you need something done when it comes to clothing, a tailor might be someone to consult with.

Choosing the Right Fabric

The right kind of fabric can make or break the final product of any garment. You’ll want to choose the appropriate one that will be fit for your needs and preferences. If you want to wear a suit for an outdoor wedding in the summer, the right kind of fabric will make a difference. 

Which means you want something that will be light while keeping the appearance of your suit looking its best. Fabrics like tweed, cashmere, and wool will not be appropriate for a summer outdoor setting. Linen will be the best option in this situation. 

Berle also knows that linen is the perfect fabric for summer. Their wide variety of linen shorts might be perfect for those outdoor gatherings that don’t require a suit and tie.

Precise Measurements

If you do not have a good idea of what your measurements are, do not worry. A tailor will get the job done for you. This kind of information will be useful for any future requests you want them to fulfill.

A tailor will perform measurements of the following: 

  • Neck
  • Waist
  • Inseam
  • Chest
  • Arms

These measurements will need to be precise. The reason is to ensure a perfect fit. You don’t want to wear anything that is too tight or too baggy.

Something that is well-tailored will help you stand out. It will also make you look and feel like a million dollars. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

Customizations and Designs

A good tailor knows that customizations and designs are part of their repertoire. They are aware that someone may want a custom pocket for their jacket or unique button designs. If you have certain design preferences for any pieces of clothing you intend to wear, feel free to bring it up to your tailor.

While you might have an idea, a tailor may look at it and try to mold it into something better. They have an unmatched eye for detail and the ability to turn your design idea into reality.

Fitting and Alterations

If there is one thing any tailor should know about, it’s fitting and alterations. Not every piece of clothing you buy from a store will be the perfect fit. Even if it’s the right size for you, it won’t look like it’s well-fitting. 

For that reason, a tailor will go to work to alter it so that it looks better than ever. Using the measurement information they have, they’ll make sure it’s a perfect fit - nothing more or less. 


A tailor that you can trust will be the go-to person who fulfills whatever clothing requests you may have. Whether it’s custom designs or a simple alteration, they’ll get it done. They are a valuable asset to anyone who wants to have the best fit for their clothes while looking their best. 

If you want well-tailored clothes that will make you stand out, Berle is the go-to shop for you. Visit us today and check out our lineup of tailored trousers.