Top Winter 2020 Men's Fashion Trends

The winter season is in full swing, and that means you need to re-examine your wardrobe. It’s important to make sure you have everything you need for holiday parties, strolling in the snow, and commuting to work on a cold day. Let's take a look at the top men's fashion trends of winter 2020 to help you upgrade your style!

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Fit and Functional Outerwear

You can't go wrong with fit and functional outerwear. We're not saying that you need to find boring or rugged clothes—although those looks can also work with the right aesthetic. Instead, we recommend altering your wardrobe so you have enough rain and snow coats to protect yourself from the inclement weather typical of this season while looking stylish.

In general, functional men's outerwear will include slim-fit rain jackets, hooded puffer jackets, and even bomber jackets. For a more masculine look, keep colors dark and neutral. However, during the holidays, more vibrant color palettes can match the festive season.

Puffer Vests

While puffer vests are often regarded as preppy outerwear, this fashion trend is being incorporated into all different men’s styles in 2020. Whereas some men have leaned into the oversized puffer vest aesthetic, others prefer a puffer vest that cleanly slopes down their shoulders to emphasize their figure.

More importantly, puffer vests offer some protection and warmth without being as heavy as a regular jacket. Choose them for a brisk winter day that's not quite warm enough for your thick jacket. Plus, they also provide plenty of mobility for participating in outdoor activities—there's a reason these vests are often worn by sporty or outdoors-oriented men!

Cardigans for Indoor Wearing

Cardigans are extremely comfortable and offer a bit of a retro look, which is hugely popular in 2020. With properly fitting tailored trousers, a wintery dark gray or red cardigan will create a nice ensemble. This outfit is great for semi-formal occasions, and it’s designed to keep you warm and cozy—a key combination for winter wardrobes.

Longline and Leather Coats

It's no surprise that a lot of men's winter fashion is dominated by coats. They're the primary piece of any cold-weather ensemble, so we recommend looking into high-end longline or leather coats for this winter season.

These are coats that go down to your shins, creating a modern, flowing silhouette. These long coats are the perfect selection for a formal look that will work wonderfully for any swanky social event you have on the horizon. You might also look into long leather coats if you're interested in a more retro aesthetic.

A Wool Overcoat

Lastly, we'd be remiss not to mention wool overcoats as an excellent men's fashion item for the winter season. Wool is one of the best materials to make both coats and ties out of since it's warm and durable. We'd specifically recommend getting a classy wool overcoat in a masculine, relatively versatile color such as brown.

This will allow you to pair your wool overcoat with a variety of other clothing items, making it versatile for all types of social occasions. Wool is both formal enough to work for a cocktail party or an office party, but it's not quite as formal as a full dress jacket.

You can wear your wool coat with dress pants or slacks, or even khakis (only if the coat is a different color from the khakis, of course). Ultimately, a wool overcoat should complete your ensemble and serve as effective protection from the cold throughout the holiday season.

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