What to Wear to a Holiday Party for Guys

The time for eggnog and hot chocolate is rapidly approaching, and with it—holiday parties! Some guys might not know what to wear to a holiday party, whether it’s at the office or their grandmother’s house. That’s why we’ve created this guide on what to wear to a holiday party for guys. Read on to learn more!

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What’s the Tone or Theme?

As with dressing for any occasion, you must figure out the tone or theme for the holiday party you plan to attend. After all, certain clothes or accessories will fit with certain occasions, while others will make you look out of place.

Let’s break down some of the most common types of holiday parties and some great clothing choices to go along with them:

Office Holiday Party

A holiday office party is pretty easy to dress up for. If your office doesn’t require you to stick with the formality level of clothing you wear during the workday, go with the following outfit options:

  • A slim blazer without a tie is always appropriate, as it’s both professional and relaxed.
  • Pair your blazer with some dress pants in dark colors. Again, the idea is to keep your outfit relatively formal without being as stiff as you might look during office hours.
  • Red, green, and white are great holiday colors for your tie and/or shirt.
  • Loafers or boots are good choices for footwear.

Casual Holiday Gathering


If you’re going to a more casual festive party, you can dress in relaxing and comfortable clothes without having to stick with pre-determined work attire. Use the following tips to create your outfit:

  • A good sweater in solid colors like red or green is ideal. Avoid sweaters or shirts with items or pictures on them if you want to look mature.
  • Bright or patterned socks are great accessories to go with your shoes, which can range from comfortable boots or even converse
  • In these cases, it’s appropriate to give your outfit a bit of a holiday spin or flare without going too overboard. Feel free to wear a funny tie or patterned shirt to complete the look.

Cocktail Holiday Party

Cocktail parties are a little more formal than casual or festive parties, but they’re not quite black-tie worthy. That means you do get a little more creativity to work with. Generally, men’s attire for holiday cocktail parties involves:

  • Suits with relatively dark pallets
  • You can choose to come with a tie or without, but without a tie is a little more casual/relaxed
  • A good blazer or sports jacket will never go amiss.
  • For trousers, go with a pair of dark-wash jeans or chinos
  • When it comes to footwear, keep your shoes classy and comfortable. Dress shoes in dark colors ranging from brown to black are appropriate.
  • Accessorize your outfit with items like pocket squares, silk ties, or even a nice watch.

Black Tie

Black tie holiday parties don’t offer much flexibility in terms of your wardrobe. That’s because any black-tie event essentially sticks to the same clothing and accessory rules:

  • Wear a black suit, tailored and with matching pants
  • Wear a white dress shirt
  • Wear a black bow tie
  • Wear a nice watch
  • Wear nice black shoes

That’s it. Ironically, it’s pretty easy to dress for a black-tie holiday party! The only exception is if the invitation to the event mentions dressing up with a little more fun. In that case, feel free to change one part of your collection to reflect the Christmas or holiday spirit (i.e. wear a Santa tie or holiday socks)

Ugly Holiday Sweater Party

If you’ve been invited to an ugly sweater party, the rules are also pretty straightforward. Grab or buy the ugliest, strangest holiday sweater you can find. The goal is actually to pick a sweater with bright colors and (hopefully) un-color coordinated pictures on the front.

You can wear whatever else you want to these events, as the goal is to keep everyone relaxed and playful rather than serious. Jeans or dress pants work just fine.

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