The Ultimate Men's Shorts Length & Fit Guide

Shorts are simple to wear, but they still require some styling guidelines. Here’s everything you need to know about getting a key element right: fit. The length of your shorts is the most obvious aspect of its proper fit. Fortunately, once you know the rules, it’s an easy fix. Take a look at our ultimate men’s shorts length and fit guide.

Length Rules

Here are some key tips to getting the length of your shorts right:

Avoid Shorts That Go Past The Knees

In many cases, shorts that cover a significant portion of your kneecap may look a little odd from a sartorial sense. It looks much better when they strike just the top of your knee and up. After that, it can become a matter of preference—as long as you use common sense when it comes to showing skin.

Know Your Inseams

There are four basic inseam lengths to pay attention to here:

  • Very short (5”)—highly casual, athletic, and great for outdoor events when there’s plenty of sun.
  • Short, but casual and conservative (7”)—a great choice for any man who prefers to show skin but doesn’t want to look too casual.
  • Longer (9”)—great for men with long legs. Make sure they don’t take up space below your kneecap.
  • Covering some of the knees (11”)—generally best for more formal outdoor occasions when you need to dress well or will remain seated frequently, such as casual dining restaurants.

Width Rules

When it comes to the width, you’re usually talking about two things: the waist, and whether or not the shorts are flat front or pleated. Pleated shorts may have a “wider” look to them.

To test the waist, wear the shorts without a belt. Do they fit snugly on your waist without falling, without being so tight that they get uncomfortable when you sit down? If so, you likely have a well-fitting pair of shorts.

When you buy a pair of shorts like Prime Poplin in Flat Front, it’s critical that you get the waist size right. You can use your current waist size with similar pants to get a sense of what might be appropriate for your shorts.

Proportional Length and Width

You should also consider the proportion of the length and the width. Large, wide, pleated shorts might not have the “formal” look you want. Try to balance length and width without going too far in either particular direction. You’ll find that this helps provide your legs with a balanced silhouette.

If you have thick legs or a wider stance, it’s important that you take that into account when you buy custom-sized shorts. For thin legs, flat front shorts will tend to suit you better, while pleated shorts may give you more wiggle room if you have wider legs.

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We hope you enjoyed this ultimate men’s shorts length and fit guide. If you want great shorts to make use of your new knowledge, browse the shorts available here at Berle!

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