What Color Socks to Wear with a Blue Suit

You’ve got a swell blue suit that you’re itching to wear to a wedding, nice dinner, or other social engagement. You have your shoes, your watch, and even your undershirt and tie picked out. There’s just one problem – you still need to pick out the right color of socks to wear with your blue suit, so you don’t ruin your whole ensemble!

The good news is that you can wear many different colors of socks with a blue suit. But, at the same time, you’ll want to stay away from a few different hues of socks.

Gray Socks

You can never go wrong with gray socks colors and a blue suit. Gray socks are a fantastic choice because they’re a little lighter and more vibrant than black, and they can stand in as replacements for navy socks.

Remember that, at least when paired with a blue suit, navy socks may result in a slightly more casual appearance. The darker the shade of gray you choose, the more serious your outfit will appear, and vice versa.

Burgundy Socks

You can alternatively stick with burgundy socks. Burgundy is a great color to wear with blue because the two shades playfully contrast, resulting in a vibrant, dramatic outfit that everyone will notice when you walk through the door.

Burgundy socks are perfect for pairing with a blue suit you plan to wear to a date or some other casual social event, like an after-work cocktail party or a fun award ceremony. For even better results, wear a colored tie that looks thematically appropriate with burgundy socks, and ensure that your socks go well with brown leather or burgundy-colored shoes.

Patterned Blue Socks

If you want to stick with your blue theme, blue patterned socks might be the perfect color. Patterned blue socks distinguish themselves from your blue suit since they can feature patterns like arrows, dots, stripes, or any other color you can imagine.

Remember that some patterns are better for business or formal environments and others. For example, patterned blue socks are ideal for professional settings. In contrast, floral blue socks might be better for weddings or fun social occasions where you don’t have to be so serious. For example, they might go well with trousers like these Navy Charleston Khakis made of 12 Wale Corduroy.

Standard Blue Socks

Last but not least, you can wear standard or plain blue socks with your blue suit. In fact, blue socks are possibly the safest and easiest option; they can be worn in any social situation with your blue suit, whether you are attending an office meeting, wedding, or elsewhere.

A blue suit, especially paired with dark navy blue socks, will produce a professional, put-together look that exemplifies maturity. Wear navy socks if you have a navy suit with navy pants, like these Super 100’s Gabardine Pleated Pants. Even if you have a light blue suit, navy socks will be your best bet, as they color coordinate without overwhelming the vibrancy of your primary suit jacket and tie. If possible, try to pair blue socks with a blue tie in the same color to bring the entire outfit together and create some color theming.

Sock Colors to Avoid with a Blue Suit

When it comes to avoiding specific sock colors with your blue suit, there are two shades you should avoid: black and white.

While you can technically wear black socks with your blue suit, it’s not necessarily a good idea. For one, black socks are highly formal. For another, they can throw off the casual or vibrant feel of your blue suit, mainly if it’s a light blue color or has a lot of shine. White socks should never be one with any suit, period. White socks can make your entire blue suit look less appealing and formal, resulting in an overall style downgrade.

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