What to Wear with Linen Pants

When summer starts to heat up, your only real option, if you don’t want to sweat up a storm, is to wear shorts or linen trousers. Linen pants go perfectly with a variety of upper wear and can help complete the perfect stylish summertime outfit for hanging out at the beach or attending a summer wedding. But what should you wear with linen pants? Read on for a few style suggestions from the experts at Berle.

Neutral or Pastel Linen Shirts

Simply put, linen is a classic summer fabric. It’s lightweight, breathable, and often moisture-wicking, so it helps prevent your sweat from sticking to your skin. Because of all this, linen pants are usually light colors like cream, beige, white, etc.

So, it’s only natural to pair your linen pants with neutral or pastel-colored linen shirts. Linen shirts have many of the same coolness and breathability as linen pants. But many also expose a little extra skin on your arms or chest, helping you stay that much cooler.

Neutral or pastel-colored shirts, meanwhile, will go perfectly with the likely light colors of your linen pants. If, for instance, your linen trousers are a light cream color, a white shirt or a light blue/red shirt will help tie the whole outfit together and complement the shades of your trousers. Stay away from dark linen shirts, which will ruin the color complementarity you’re trying to achieve.

Light Sneakers or Sandals

You’ll also need some suitable footwear with your linen pants, assuming you aren’t going barefoot on the beach. The best options for pairing with linen pants include light sneakers or sandals. Light-colored sneakers, as touched on above, will complement the colors of your linen trousers and shirt. But sandals offer even more breathability and let you expose your toes to the warm summer sands of your favorite beach. Either option can work. Just ensure the color of your footwear isn’t overly dark, or your linen trousers will seem a bit out of place.

Stylish Shades

No summer or beach adventure outfit is complete without eye protection. That’s where sunglasses come in. The right pair of sunglasses can help complete your outfit and protect your eyes from the glare of the sand or sun.

Minimalist Watch or Bracelets

However, there are other accessories you can add to your outfit to make it look a little more visually interesting or to add complexity. Some of our favorites include minimalist watches or bracelets. When it comes to timepieces, you should have a few in your collection, such as metallic watches for fancy social occasions and simple, minimalist watches for other times.

The minimalist watch will go better with linen trousers and other articles. For the best results, pick a watch with a leather band and a simple watch face that doesn’t have a lot of hands or smaller faces embedded in the surface. You can adorn your wrists with bracelets if you aren’t a watch guy. A bead bracelet or two will evoke a chic, summer surfer vibe – that could be perfect depending on the style you want to cultivate.

Don’t Forget a Hat for Fun in the Sun

If you aren’t a sunglasses fan, you can choose a stylish hat instead. The sky is the limit – you can go with a baseball cap, a sunhat, or something else entirely. When selecting the color of your hat, aim for a natural or light color like brown, beige, blue, or a similar shade.

Upgrade Your Wardrobe with Berle

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