What Color Tie Goes with a Blue Shirt?

Blue shirts–especially the timeless light blue Oxford button-down–are tried-and-true staples of every men’s classic style wardrobe. But for many office workplaces, simply donning a blue shirt with some complementary gray trousers isn’t enough. Sure, you may rotate through the same blue shirt each week, but that doesn’t mean you have to let everyone know. On the contrary, the act of simply switching your tie has the power to not only spice up your wardrobe but to make that blue shirt look brand new. So, what color tie goes with a blue shirt? As it turns out, there are several options! Let’s review them one by one, so you can kick off 2023 with confidence and style.

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8 of the Best Color Ties to Wear with a Blue Shirt

#1 Burgundy

Burgundy is a fantastic color to combine with a light blue shirt if you want a more sophisticated look. And fortunately, nearly all shades of blue can work with red since they are complementary colors. Typically, burgundy ties are best for more formal occasions.

#2 Green

Similar to red, green ties fit well with blue shirts because they are complementary colors! Nearly every shade of green will look great with a light blue button-up Oxford. However, lighter green shades work best in the spring, while darker shades, like forest green, make more sense in the winter. Finally, complete your look with either a gray or beige blazer.

#3 Purple

Purple? Really? The answer is yes! Turns out, purple ties can work magic with blue shirts in some situations. Specifically, a light blue dress shirt with a dark royal purple tie can create a bold and dramatic look with tons of personality! Complete your look with either a navy blue or gray suit with brown dress shoes.

#4 Gray

If you are looking for a more neutral aesthetic or style, try a gray tie with a blue dress shirt. Gray and blue together frequently represent responsibility, neutrality, and maturity. While not precisely complementary, there’s no denying that this color combo has been popular for years and is visible in many popular clothing combinations, such as suits and undershirts.

#5 Navy

Navy is technically a shade of blue, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work with a blue shirt! To make this combination look great, choose a lighter shade of blue for your shirt and navy for your tie. To really double down on blue (if it’s a good color for you), combine these options with a dark blue or navy suit.

#6 Orange

Orange is a bit of an unorthodox color, but that’s the point. This bright and cheery color stands out, especially against light or dark blue shirts. If you want your look to draw attention and make a bombastic statement, this color is for you—especially at a meeting or after-work cocktail party!

#7 Pink

Contrary to popular belief, most men look great in pink. You can combine pink and blue to create a softer, more relaxed look. Blue is a cool shade, while pink helps warm up your overall look. Generally, light blue shirts work better with pink ties than dark blue shirts. Add a navy suit with dark brown dress shoes for a perfectly balanced outfit.

#8 Gold

Last but not least is gold. Gold is heavily associated with money, power, and success in our subconscious minds, so combining a vibrant or royal blue shirt with a gold tie can make you look downright regal and executive.

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