What to Wear to a Baptism for Men

Baptisms aren’t fully formal parties, but they are serious celebrations that should be dressed appropriately for. After all, you wouldn’t wear a T-shirt and jeans to church (unless your church is into that, anyway). Not sure whether your Sunday best outfit is good enough to wear to a baptism? Let us break down what men should wear to a baptism.

Are Baptisms Formal?

Technically, no. Baptisms or christenings can, however, be a little more formal or “dressed up” depending on the people holding the baptism ceremony.

If you’ve been invited to a baptism, see if you have a physical invitation with a dress code printed on it. If the hosts want everyone to be wearing a particular style of clothes, odds are those instructions will be on the invitation so there isn’t any room for error.

Otherwise, assume that baptisms are semi-formal occasions like any other Sunday Church service. Remember this rule of thumb: it’s better to dress up and be mistaken than it is to dress down and look like a fool.

The “Sunday Best”

If you aren’t sure whether a specific dress code will be required by the upcoming baptism, just put on your “Sunday best”.

Decades ago, everyone understood that your Sunday best was simply the nicest clothes you had on hand without having to visit a tailor or buy a new suit. In most cases, your Sunday best works for church and it’ll also work for a baptism service.

With all this said, let’s break down some classic styles and outfits you can put together in no time.

The Classic Navy Suit

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a classic navy suit. Navy suits are a little less formal than black suits and blue is a better color to celebrate the coming of new life for your community than somber, serious black.

If you don’t already have a suit, get one! Navy or blue suits are excellent semi-formal or light formal attire you can wear to weddings, work parties, and other celebrations that call for something a little more dressed up than chinos and a collared shirt.

Summertime Baptisms / Christenings

Many churches lack air-conditioning, and you might have to endure some time outside during a summertime christening or baptism. If that’s the case, you’ll want to take the weather into account.

Lightweight linen suits are excellent choices because wool will only result in you sweating under your collar. Linen looks fantastic, but keep in mind that it wrinkles easily with use, so you may need to use an ironing board before taking it out in public.

You can pair a linen jacket with chinos provided the trousers are in a complementary color. Alternatively, the upcoming baptism might be more of a smart-casual affair. In that case, try a typical navy blazer and contrasting trousers for a lighthearted and still appropriate look.

A summer tweed jacket or moleskin jacket can also work for less formal occasions. Try pairing these with khakis, like our Charleston Khakis Dress Pants, to give yourself the comfortable and semi-formal trousers you need to sit through any lengthy baptism service.

Winter Baptisms Style and Suits

Some baptisms are held in winter, in which case you may need to dress a little warmer than average. In these cases, all wool suits are the way to go. Wool is a heavy, comfortable fabric that keeps body heat trapped inside and will ensure you’re nice and cozy sitting through the baptism service.

Even better, wool suits are relatively stiff and should maintain their shape and overall aesthetic sharpness for years on end. But be careful when choosing a winter suit, as most winter suits come in darker colors. Remember, lighter blues are the way to go for baptism services.

Wool trousers, like Berle’s Wool Flannel Flat Front Pants, are ideal choices for pairing with stylish wool coats or jackets.

You can also pair winter suits with chinos, khakis, or tailored slacks. It all depends on which trousers will pair best with your winter will suit. You can check out Berle’s selection of tailored trousers, khakis, and other legwear to find something that’ll suit (pun intended) any upcoming baptism service.

Wrap Up

All in all, baptisms are fun celebrations that give everyone in your community the opportunity to come together and bear witness to the introduction of a new member to your church. Show the respect your church deserves and dress for the occasion – but remember there’s a little wiggle room in terms of the styles, colors, or materials you can use for your suits or slacks.

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