What to Wear to a Casino for Men

Casino night is coming up and you have no idea what to wear. All you know is that the dress code calls for something a little more impressive than jeans and a T-shirt. No worries. We’ll break down what men need to wear to a casino to look stylish and be comfortable.

Formal or Semi-Formal?

The big question you'll need to ask yourself is if your casino night calls for a formal or semi-formal dress code. Depending on whether you're attending a specific event or just going to the casino to hang out with some friends, it could be either way.

Formal casino attire calls for a dinner jacket at a bare minimum, but sometimes even a tuxedo if you’re attending a charity event, fancy dinner, or even a wedding in Las Vegas. On the other hand, semi-formal attire is a little more flexible.

Let’s take a look at some examples for both scenarios for your shirts, trousers, and more.

Shirts and/or Jackets

If your upcoming casino night is a semi-formal affair, you have it easy. Just pick out a collared dress shirt in blue, white, or a similar neutral color that goes well with slacks (more on those below). Collared dress shirts are perfect for upping your fashion game just a little bit without straying into formal territory.

We recommend picking linen for your dress shirt if you are actually going to Las Vegas or a similarly hot place. Otherwise, cotton or other materials will be fine. You won’t need to wear a tie with your shirt if you’re going to the casino and everyone else will also be dressed in a semi-formal fashion.

On the flip side, if it's a formal event you're going to, you need to wear a tuxedo or a nice suit. Suit jackets in gray or blue are best, and tuxedos are always black.


When it comes to trousers, you have a few options in either formal or semi-formal settings unless you wear a tuxedo, in which case your trousers are picked out for you.

If you want to go to a casino and keep the atmosphere more casual (perfect for flirting or playing games all night long), we recommend going for Performance Dress Khakis or other types of khakis in colors like tan or gray. Gray is usually best, as tan or beige colors are usually associated with working hours (and you definitely shouldn't feel like you're working at a casino).

For an even better option, consider Berle’s Vintage 1946 Twill Pants. These are perfect for combining with a collared dress shirt and they let you add a little color to your outfit ensemble. At Berle, they come in a few different sizes and materials.

Regardless, be sure to get your trousers tailored. Tailored trousers always look better than pants you pick up and put on right off the rack.

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Shoes are easy – just don’t wear sneakers to the casino and you’ll be fine. If you plan to have a semi-formal appearance at your local casino or resort, go with dressy shoes or oxfords to up your footwear game and look snazzy without it feeling like you’re at a wedding.

Just be sure that the shoes you choose go well with your shirt and trousers. We recommend giving them a slight polish if you are going to a more formal casino night that requires that you wear a suit.


Accessories are where you really get to customize your casino outfit. As mentioned earlier, you don't need to bother with a tie unless you wear a tuxedo. Even if you plan to wear a suit to casino night because you are attending a specific event, don't bring a tie. Casinos are fun and relaxed places and ties will look out of place no matter what.

We also recommend bringing a stylish watch along. A watch can boost the aesthetic appeal of your outfit and make you look older or classier than you might actually be (we won’t tell). A metal watch is usually best for casinos (since they go so well with the glitz and glamour aesthetic common to these places), but watches with good leather bands can be good as well.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! No matter what, just be sure you have fun in your outfit and you give yourself a little space to be loose and limber. Casinos are supposed to be places to have a great time, so your outfit should reflect a relaxed, jovial attitude instead of a stuffy work environment.