Your Guide to Fits and Styles for Men's Dress Pants

Dress pants come in many different fits and styles and every guy has a different perfect fit. Depending on your leg shape, torso shape, and overall stature, one style of dress pants might be better than another. The fit of your dress pants impacts how much room you have in the upper area of the pants, as well as the tapering of the pant leg openings. With that in mind, let’s take a look at seven distinct dress pants fits and styles. By the end, you’ll know which fits to choose for your next purchase.

Extra Slim Fit

The extra slim fit style is an evolution of the traditional slim style. It’s ideal for thin, tall guys or men who want a very slim fit with a tight, noticeable taper to the pant legs. Not that extra slim fit is not the same thing as skinny fit or skintight fit; it’s still perfect for work environments, especially semi-formal or more relaxed offices.

Slim Fit

Slim fit is fantastically popular these days, and for good reason. It tapers well at the bottom of the leg, highlighting a man’s lower physique and stature. It’s office-appropriate and slim without becoming overly tight. Slim-fit dress pants are perfect for guys who want a clean and tailored look that drapes starting from the thigh all the way down. It is noticeably slimmer and narrower compared to classic-fit trousers.

Straight Fit

Next up is straight fit: relatively similar to the slim fit, but with two major differences. First, straight-fit dress pants have minimal tapering from the thigh to the knee and the leg opening. Secondly, straight-fit dress trousers have wider leg openings that can fit over larger boots, making them ideal for working outdoors or as “catch-all” pants for a variety of situations.

Athletic Fit

Athletic fit pants are exactly what they suggest: better for guys who want a roomy fit with a little extra space for added comfort. They’re indeed roomier compared to slim-fit trousers, especially in the seat and the sides, but they still have some tapering in the knees and leg opening areas. This style of dress trousers could be ideal if you have larger-than-average thighs or hips but still want your pants to appear slim to viewers.

Classic Fit

Classic-fit dress pants are popular thanks to their versatility and widespread appeal. They feature a more relaxed shape and style compared to slim-fit trousers, particularly in the thighs and hips. They don’t taper as much around the knees or the leg openings, as well. Therefore, classic fit dress trousers are perfect for men who want roomy trousers with still traditional proportions and relatively wide leg openings that can cover more of their shoes. Berle’s Tic Weave Worsted Wool Flat Front Trousers are ideal examples of this dress pants style.

Wide Leg Fit

If you’re looking to go modern, wide-leg dress trousers could be the perfect solution. Ironically, these are something of a throwback or old-school style, reminiscent of the trousers of the 70s. In any case, wide-leg pants are still professional and they feature wider-than-average leg openings. They're flowy, roomy, and ultimately comfortable, but they're best if you pair them with a similarly flowing suit jacket or shirt. Consider wearing these dress pants to semi-formal social occasions like “party” weddings.

Cropped Fit

Or you can go with cropped dress pants. This dress pants style can help to keep you cool in the summer while still being perfect for workplaces around America. Cropped pants feature hems that stop right above the ankle, exposing more of your ankles or socks, thus keeping your feet and lower legs a little cooler than average. They also usually taper where they open, so they retain the slim and sleek aesthetic that a lot of men like.

Bonus: Relaxed Fit Pants

Let’s go for number eight and break down relaxed-fit dress pants. Relaxed fit trousers, such as Berle’s Charleston Washed Khakis, are a little loose compared to classic fit trousers, but they aren’t baggy.

They feel a little wider in the seat and thighs, and they have a longer rise compared to straight-fit pants. They’re normally quite comfortable and are appropriate for a variety of environments and occasions, ranging from workplace meetings to weddings to hangouts with your friends and more.

Find the Perfect Fit at Berle

As you can see, you can pick dress pants that look perfect for your body… so long as you buy them in the right style! Consider your leg shape in the mirror, then consider your personal preference. In addition to finding the right style and fit for your body type, the rise of your pants is an important factor to consider. Depending on your body type, you may do well shopping one of the following collections at Berle:

  • Long Rise – for taller than average men or those with a longer torso
  • Short Rise – for shorter than average men
  • Big & Tall – for taller men and men with waist sizes 50 through 60
  • Regular Rise – what most men wear

Don’t know your rise? View our Rise Descriptions for more information! Or, if you’re ready to get shopping, explore our Tailored and Casual Collections today. Complimentary hemming is always included with your purchase, so you can count on the perfect fit every time.

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