The Best Dress Shirts to Pair with Tailored Pants

Dress shirts and tailored pants are like peanut butter and jelly: they just go together! That said, you need to know how to pair your dress shirts with your well-tailored pants for maximum effect, whether you want to wear them to work, to a formal occasion, or anywhere else.

Indeed, there is a method to the magnificence brought about by a great pair of dress pants partnered with the perfect shirt. Let’s take a look at which dress shirts you should pair with your tailored pants and how you should wear them effectively. Or, start by shopping the tailored collection at Berle today!

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Dress Shirt Style Tips

Naturally, the first major dress shirt style tip is to get it tailored! While you can get by with dress shirts that aren’t tailored for your unique build and physique, you won’t reach your peak visual potential.

Instead, you should get your dress shirts tailored just like your dress pants. That way, you'll look as good as possible, and your dress shirts won't look subpar or secondary to your slacks (a major concern if you are putting together an outfit for a formal occasion, like a wedding).

Other important dress shirt style tips to keep in mind include:

  • Always contrast your dress shirt color with the color of your trousers. That is to say, do not wear a dress shirt of the same shade as your dress pants
  • Make sure your dress shirt is long enough to be tucked in without coming untucked if you kneel down
  • Always wear your dress shirts with all but one button buttoned, unless you wear a tie. If you wear a tie, all the buttons should be buttoned up

Which Shirts to Wear with Certain Pants

Now that you know how to wear dress shirts wisely and stylishly, let’s break down which shirts you should wear with different tailored pants based on their materials and styles.

Seersucker Pants

Seersucker pants are popular choices in the summer due to their lightweight and moisture-wicking potential. Indeed, seersucker tailored trousers are made of a super lightweight cotton blend that usually weighs 4.7 ounces per fabric unit.

Berle’s seersucker pants and shorts feature classic designs. The trousers, in particular, come in flat front and pleated styles, making them perfect for old-school workplaces or formal occasions where you want to evoke the style of classical generations. They're perfect for spring or summertime wearing.

So, what shirts should you wear with them? Seersucker pants and shorts benefit mostly from light-colored or pastel-colored dress shirts. After all, many tailored seersucker pants come in pastel colors themselves! That said, remember the contrasting color tip above. If, for example, your pants are baby blue, you should not wear a baby blue shirt on top!

Poplin Pants

Poplin pants are also popular tailored trousers choices for many men. These are also relatively lightweight, clocking in at 5.6 ounces per unit of fabric, and Berle’s Poplin pants are top choices for the hot summer months since they are very breathable.

These tailored pants also come in flat front or pleated styles, depending on your preferences. Even better, they're available in three classic colors, as well as a relaxed or classic fit.

As far as dress shirts go, you should pair modern, crisp, white dress shirts with these pants more often than not. Poplin pants look classic and workplace-appropriate, so consider pairing them with your workplace dress shirts to round out your outfit and aesthetic.

Wool Pants

Last but not least are wool-tailored trousers. Berle’s lightweight (“tropical”, you might say) tailored wool trousers are perfect for spring and summer. More importantly, they are machine washable: a major benefit given that most wool dress trousers are drycleaned only.

These pants are, of course, available in several different colors, can be tailored for flat front or pleated styles, and feature self-sizer waistbands for added flexibility and comfort. Many of these trousers come in darker colors, so you can and should consider pairing darker dress shirts with them.

Dress shirts in gray, black, and even navy could go well with lightweight wool trousers. However, you might want to go with a crisp white dress shirt for added contrast and style points, depending on your upcoming social occasion.

Wrap Up

At the end of the day, partnering any great dress shirt with a pair of tailored pants will do wonders for your overall outfit and aesthetic. Fortunately, it's easier than ever for you to get high-quality, tailored dress pants – just check out Berle’s selection today!

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