Best Work-Ready Pants for Fall 2021

Fall is in full swing and winter is well on its way. If you want to be ready for work and look as stylish as ever, you’ll need some great work-ready pants that fit you well, are the right color, and are ready to hit the ground running just like you are.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other types of pants you can rely on, whether you spend your day working outdoors or at an office job. Let’s take a look at some of the best work-ready pants in detail.

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are a great choice for men, and for several clear reasons. For starters, cargo pants usually have large and extra pockets, making them ideal for mechanics, construction workers, or any man that needs to be able to carry tons of accessories and tools with him around the job.

Try to find great cargo pants in masculine colors like green, navy, brown, and so on. The fit of your cargo pants matters a little less than the fit for other trousers, so you don’t need to worry about getting them perfectly tailored. As an added bonus, you never need to worry about your cargo pants tearing or getting dirty; no one expects cargo pants to look perfect 24/7.


Of course, you can always go with fashionable corduroy pants, which are soft, luxurious, and utterly dependable for office or executive work. When you spend a lot of time sitting at a computer chair, comfort is key. This is why corduroy pants are ideal for those who work at a desk or office managers and similar professionals.

Berle’s 8 Wale Italian Luxury Corduroys demonstrate this comfort and quality better than most competitors. Already a winter bestseller, these specialized corduroys feature a much nicer fabric than our other corduroy trousers, sourced from the world-renowned Italian mill Duca Visconti.

Currently, these corduroy pants are available in five different colors and in both the flat front and pleated styles. Once your hands or legs touch them, you won’t want corduroys from anywhere else.


Naturally, khakis are classic and traditionally masculine trousers for working-class guys, whether you are a sales associate at a retail chain, an office worker, or something else entirely. Khakis were originally the trousers of choice for working men, getting their start in the military.

But these days, you can find comfortable and stylish khakis in a variety of styles and sizes. Berle’s Charleston Khakis are perfect examples of quality khaki pants in action. As a new item, these pants are made with a specialized blend of both wool and elastane. The resulting material provides a super comfortable fit, especially compared to traditional 100% cotton khakis.

At the moment, these trousers are only available with a flat front design in four different colors.


Don't forget chinos, which offer a lightweight, stretchy, yet durable trouser solution for men who work in indoor but blue-collar environments. While chinos are not necessarily the flashiest trousers you can choose, they get the job done and are typically very affordable, making them great for young men who may not have a big budget for work-ready pants.

Chinos also come in a variety of classic colors that work well with jackets, over shirts, and other fall wardrobe staples. Try to find chinos in interesting colors like brown-orange, military green, and navy blue to spice up your look a bit while still remaining work-ready and work-appropriate.

Find the Best Work Pants at Berle

At the end of the day, the best work-ready pants are those trousers that are perfect for your leg shape, daily activities, and durability needs. Don’t, for example, go with lightweight chinos if you will be spending tons of time on your knees doing manual work.

If you need high-quality, comfortable, and tailored work-ready trousers, Berle’s khakis and corduroy pants are right up your alley. We highly recommend checking them out today and putting on a pair – odds are you’ll feel comfortable and ready for work in equal measure.