Men’s Casual Winter Fashion Ideas

Winter is in full swing, which means it’s time to put away the T-shirts and fall fashion staples and start looking into casual winter clothing and accessories. If you don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for tons of great casual winter fashion ideas for men.

Layers Like Onions

The number one rule of dressing for winter is to dress in layers. Don’t wear one or two really thick jackets or shirts. Not only will you look chunky (and not a good way), but you’ll also be colder than if you dress in layers.

The ideal casual winter make up for your top layers is an undershirt, an overshirt like an Oxford sweater, and finally a jacket on top. In this way, you'll look stylish but can also control the temperature of your body by stripping away layers whenever you get too hot.

Where There’s a Wool, There’s a Way

Speaking of layers, you’ll also want to prioritize wool for your shirts and jackets. Wool is a heavier and warmer material than cotton or linen, and it comes in tons of great winter colors like red, green, brown, and navy or gray.

Keep it Comfy with Stretch Corduroy

What about legwear? If you want to keep it casual, stretch corduroy pants like Berle’s Vintage 1946 collection are a great place to start. These stretch corduroy pants come in several colors and are both comfortable and warm. Plus, they are perfect for pairing with a great winter jacket, boots, and plenty of other footwear or accessories.

These 21 Wale Stretch Corduroy Pants are a perfect example. In their native charcoal, they go great with the darker general wardrobes of men's winter fashion, and they feature a modern fit that emphasizes leg shape without being too tight or too loose.

Up Your Style with Stretch Cotton Twill Pants

If you need pants that are more appropriate for a semi-formal, occasion, like an after-work party, Berle’s Charleston Stretch Twill Khakis are the next best choice. Designed for stretchiness and comfort in addition to class, these pants are perfect for semi-formal occasions without totally crossing the line into formality.

On top of that, they come in several colors and sizes, so they’re ideal for regular work pants as well as pants you would wear on your weekends or during Christmas vacation.

Jacket + Tie

When it comes to bundling up while staying stylish, consider wearing a jacket and tie together. When wearing your tie, tuck it down beneath the second layer of your three-layer setup. In other words, your tie should hide beneath one layer when your jacket is open, rather than fall all the way down as you would wear the tie with a suit.

A jacket and tie is a perfect business setup. When the time comes to retire from the day and hang out with your friends, simply remove the tie and you’ll have a great casual winter outfit that isn’t as casual as something like a basic shirt and jeans.

Sweet Sweaters and Scarfs

You can’t go wrong with sweaters in the winter season! Sweaters in masculine colors like navy and dark green are perfect for spicing up your wardrobe. Make sure that your sweaters are fitted, of course. And if you go to an ugly sweater party, don’t be plain. Find a sweater with a big Rudolph face to fit in!

You might also consider accessories like scarves. Scarves can work for any guy, but only as accessories to a full jacket set up – don’t wear them if you aren’t wearing a jacket at the same time, for example. When choosing a scarf, try to pick a color complementary to your jacket layer, rather than worrying too much about whether the scarf matches your under layers.

Shoe Selection

Last, but not least, you should consider your shoes when putting together a casual winter wardrobe. You’ve got a couple of choices depending on your personal aesthetic, like oxfords, the most timeless of all dress shoes.

But if you want something a little more suitable for a basic cocktail party or if you plan to hanging out with close families and friends, try brogues. Brogues are less formal shoes that are perfect for smart casual wear. Keep in mind that they do come with holes by default (as they are designed to drain water out of them), so wear some thick socks!

There you have it – tons of great ideas to start putting together the perfect casual winter ensemble. Good luck and stay warm out there!