What to Wear with Khaki Pants

Khaki pants are classic menswear options (and have been for decades). But while choosing khakis is pretty simple, it can be tougher to find the right shirts, shoes, and accessories to wear with your khaki pants, especially since khakis come in several different colors or styles.

Let’s break down what to wear with khaki pants no matter the weather or occasion.

How Khaki Type Matters

While khakis broadly look similar to one another, the type of khaki trousers you choose can impact what other clothes or accessories will go well with them.

For example, Charleston Khakis from Berle are the closest thing you can get to classic, traditional khakis in the modern market. Unlike many other khaki pants types, these khakis are traditional fitting, so they look and feel like classic workman’s trousers instead of being overly stretchy.

Charleston khakis are 100% cotton. These days, it’s tough to find khakis that don’t have stretchy fabrics or fibers added to them. Keep the differences between types of khaki pants in mind as you look for a comfortable, form fitting pair of khaki trousers.

Khakis and Cold Weather

Khakis are great work and semi-casual trousers in the winter, even if they come in lighter fabrics compared to other popular winter fabrics.

If possible, you can purchase and use dark, tanned khakis that are closer to brown. Berle’s Performance Dress Khakis in Navy are excellent examples.

As for tops, consider wearing a navy or dark green sweater and an undershirt to tie everything together. A denim jacket (or any type of jacket, really) paired with some nice winter boots will give you a classic and masculine ensemble that looks great whether you are going to work or visiting friends over the weekend.

You can even add a cap or headwear depending on how cold it is. Just remember to choose colors that complement the shade of your trousers. Since you’re wearing khakis, you’ll have to fit brown-complementary colors in there somewhere.

Khakis when it’s Hot

It may be a bit easier to wear khakis in hot weather in terms of article matching (even if you’d rather be wearing shorts). Light khakis in a chino style can look stylish and appropriate for work, especially when paired with a collared T-shirt.

Alternatively, wear a nice but collar-less T-shirt in addition to some casual sneakers or converse to round out your outfit. Some good sunglasses can make your appearance a little more interesting, especially with a good watch and belt.

No matter what, keep your overall outfit simple for summertime weather. Khakis lend themselves well to this, but they don’t pair particularly nicely with graphic tees or more complex outfits.

Light-colored, washed Charleston khakis from Berle may be great picks for warm weather.

Work Outfit Complements for Khakis

Naturally, khakis are a great fit for work environments or after-office parties. You can pair your khaki trousers with oxfords, button-down shirts, and a variety of dark socks to complete your outfit and look nice without feeling overly stuffy or formal.

Berle’s Performance Dress Khakis are perfect for workplace environments. They’re available in a variety of styles, including pleated, flat front, and self sizer varieties. Plus, these khakis come in many great colors like brown, beige, and even navy or black.

You can also pair traditional khakis with classic office shirts (i.e., button-down, collard, cuffs, etc.) and look excellent. Sunglasses, a coat, and even a tie can complete the outfit. A patterned tie is even appropriate in some circumstances, and it can elevate your outfit to a new level of fun. Be sure to add a good belt so your trousers stay up and you complete the professional look you’re going for.

Last Tip – Cuffed or Uncuffed?

One more thing before you start putting together your wardrobe: consider whether it’s appropriate to cuff your khakis. At the moment, cuffing your khakis is pretty trendy and can make your entire outfit look a little more casual. But it’s also easy to overdo this and ruin your look.

Well-fitted, tailored khakis should end when they graze the tops of your shoes. If they’re a little longer, cuffing may be appropriate. If your khakis are a little shorter than this, however, cuffing them could look terrible and expose some ankle skin or sock material.

There you have it: key tips to help you pair your khaki trousers with shirts, accessories, and more. Remember to check out Berle’s selection of khaki pants today if you need quality, classic-fitting khakis for your work or any upcoming social occasion.