The Right Way to Wear a Belt

Wearing a belt is so basic that it’s easy for every guy, right? Wrong.

In fact, lots of men don’t know either how to choose the right belt to wear with their outfit or how to wear certain kinds of belts properly. Today, let’s show you the right and wrong ways to wear a belt in detail.

Choosing the Color

There are two types of belt colors to pick from: classic or iconoclastic.

Classic belt colors include navy, brown, beige, black, and so on – think safe masculine shades. These belt colors are perfect for formal belts like the kind you would wear to work, to a formal engagement, and so on.

On the other hand, colorful belts or those with graphics on them are usually appropriate for casual outfits. These come in as many colors as the rainbow and often with varying materials.

Pick the right color and material of belt based on the formality level of your outfit. When in doubt, safe and classic belt colors are the go-to choices for many men.

Wear the Right Type of Belt

Next, consider the type of belt you'll wear. Leather belts, for instance, are great for classy outfits or work attire, but they can also work when dressing for a date. They are great for pairing with Berle’s Charleston Dress Khakis, nice jeans, slacks, tuxedo pants, and more.

Belts made of colored fabric, on the other hand, like canvas or cotton are better for more casual looks, such as when you are wearing a graphic tee and cargo shorts. You might also find that canvas belts work with canvas pants, like Berle’s Charleston Washed Canvas Khakis.

You can also choose to go with suede belts, which are a bit between the traditionally dressy look of leather belts and the casual quality of colored fabric belts. Thicker, vintage belts with massive buckles may only be appropriate if you are going for a specific look complete with cowboy boots.

Belt Size and Buckle

Speaking of buckles, be sure to choose the right belt size and buckle type for your outfit. To choose the right belt size, you’ll need to know the size of your pants (specifically your waist measurement, which for most men starts at around 30 inches or so).

Once you know your waist measurement, buy a belt that is about 1 inch larger than the size for your fitted pants. If you wear size 32 pants, for instance, you’ll need a size 34 belt. This gives the belt enough wiggle room to be flexible yet comfortably secured when worn properly.

Wear Your Belt Properly

Now that you know what kind of belt to wear, you need to know how to wear the belt properly so it looks stylish or fashionable depending on the look you’re going for.

Wearing a traditional belt is very straightforward – simply weave the belt through the mouth of the clip, then tighten and stick the fork or tongue through the appropriate hole in the belt. Secure the belt in the appropriate loop. Make sure the belt isn’t too tight or loose.

What about wearing a D ring belt? To wear a D ring belt properly, make sure you’ve weaved the end of the belt through both loops properly, ensuring they lay flat against your trousers. Tuck your belt’s loose end through the closest loop on your trousers and you’re all set.

For both types of belts, make sure that there isn’t too much material leftover outside the loop or to the left of the buckle. Typically, dress belts only have one or 2 inches of leftover leather to the left of the buckle. A more casual belt might look okay with a few extra inches, but you don't want to go overboard.

All in all, a belt is a small but important part of a complete fashion ensemble. Ensuring that you pick the right belt and wear it correctly is key if you want to look your best and keep your pants secure where they belong.