Big And Tall Shopping Tips

When you have special sizing requirements, shopping can feel like a pain. Even when you finally find one article you’re happy with, it can seem like the outlet never offers it in your size. On the other hand, you might find plenty in your size—just none of it you like. What’s a big man to do? We have a few big and tall shopping tips to help make the experience much easier.

Don’t Start Until You Find The Big & Tall Section

If you have Big & Tall size requirements, then don’t start clicking around the other departments. True—an effective retail outlet will have plenty of options for both sections, including many of the same pieces. Here at Berle, we make a wide range of our offerings available in our dedicated Big & Tall collection. But not every shop has the same policy. It’s possible to find a color or piece you like, only to be disappointed when you find it’s not in your size. Our advice: when a retail outlet lets you sort by size, take them up on that feature.

Get To Know A Company’s Sizing Details

We like to keep our sizing simple, yet customizable. Simply clicking the “Show Big & Tall sizes” box will reveal exactly what you can expect—larger waist sizes, bottom finish options, and inseams that will ensure that your pant legs drape snugly over your shoes—not down to the ground or only at the ankles.At Berle, opening an individual product page like the one you’ll see at our Basic Pleated Khakis page is a great way to get familiar with how we handle sizing. You’d be surprised at how one company’s “large” is an “XXL” in another brand.

Even if you don’t see these options available at other stores, make sure you click on each relevant sizing guide as you shop. It can prevent any surprises once you’ve placed your order and try on the clothes.

Buy For You—And What Makes You Feel Good

Clothes shoppers often look for clothes that they think they could wear, rather than shopping around for the items they know they’ll wear. But if you want to experience the confidence that wearing a comfortable pair of pants can bring, you’ll have to find something that suits your taste.

  • If you love a casual look, stick with flat fronts. These look just as dressy as most pleated options, which in turn gives you plenty of smart options for the office or formal occasions.
  • If you like how pleated pants feel, try them out! They give you extra space when sitting, which makes them ideal for handling a lot of office work when you’re expected to dress sharp.

Either way, the important thing is to find what makes you feel good.

Shopping For Someone Else? Then Shop Berle

Our collections at Berle are about more than just looking good. They’re about finding the right piece to match both your style and your wardrobe—all without missing a beat when it comes to size. Use our convenient self-sizing options to get the exact piece you need! If you’re shopping for someone else, you don’t even need to get them to try it on!