Men's Big And Tall Slacks

There’s nothing that can change the look and feel of a wardrobe quite like a quality pair of slacks. Men’s Big and Tall slacks are no different. They need to fit like a glove while adding style and class to your wardrobe—all with the flexibility and performance you need to wear them for the long-term. With that in mind, let’s look at some men’s Big and Tall slacks at Berle you can most rely on to upgrade your current style.

For Business Use: Polyester Wool

For the most part, you won’t wear our Polyester Wool Tropical Flat Front pants around the house—except for special occasions including get-togethers and holidays. But that doesn’t mean Polyester Wool is limited in scope. You can wear it to the office, to important meetings, to job interviews, or simply for a great look with a dressier top.

What’s great about the fabric combination here? The 55/45 polyester/wool combination is a great mixture of flexibility, comfort, and durability. These textiles come together to produce a comfortable, relaxed fit feeling that’s ideal for big and tall performance.

For Upscale Versatility: Super 100’s Gabardine Flat Front

We think the Super 100’s Gabardine in Flat Front is an ideal choice here. The 100% wool is comfortable and functional, while the range of versatile colors ensures that you can find the pair that’s an ideal match for your personal style.Let’s say you want something a little more “upscale”—something that has you looking your best while feeling comfortable enough to be one of the most reliable pairs of slacks in your entire wardrobe. Where do the two worlds meet?

For Casual Use: Flat Front Khakis

If you want a casual option that will fit as easily into your wardrobe as a pair of jeans, try the Flat Front Khakis. The polyester-twill combination here is both comfortable and well-fitting, which means it will quickly earn a spot in your regular rotation. And the split waistband and seat offer the kind of flexibility you’d want out of a pair of pants you’d expect to wear even on casual Mondays.

Why flat front and not pleated? The truth is that pleating works just as well, particularly in an office setting. But flat front pants tend to be highly casual and visually versatile, which makes them an important purchase for just about anyone considering their next pair of men’s Big and Tall slacks.

How to Select the Slacks for You

You’ve seen three options this far for men’s Big & Tall slacks that might suit your needs. But how do you know which you should choose?

The truth is that everyone is different. You might like one color over another—or the way pleating looks rather than a flat front fit. But no matter what your preferences, we encourage you to check out the range of Big & Tall Men’s slacks we have here at Berle. If you need a good pair of slacks, chances are you’ll find something worth wearing for years to come.