High Quality Big And Tall Work Pants From Berle

It’s great when a store offers Big & Tall options, but what if that’s it? What if they don’t offer the same wide variety of fabrics and styles in their Big & Tall offerings? At Berle, we make sure that our Big and Tall work pants include the full range of our varied styles and fabrics. Here are a few of our favorite suggestions for your specific workplace.

For Outside and Active Work: Performance Dress Khakis

What happens when you need to look your best—but need a pair of pants that can handle a rougher work environment? You need to upgrade your performance.

Performance Dress Khakis are your option here. Although the 100% cotton fabric will be familiar to anyone who shops with Berle, the cotton twill here is both wrinkle and stain resistance, making the differences in performance immediately obvious. These khakis are available in a range of colors, so shop around to find exactly which one suits your needs. You’ll find navy, white, khaki, olive, and more.

Why “performance dress”? These are the kinds of work trousers you need to get through more than just one day. They’re the kind of pants designed to stay with you—even when your work takes you far outside the office, whether that’s frequent travel and packing or simply managing outdoor projects.

For Suiting Up at the Office: Wool Tropical Plain Weave

Sometimes you don’t need the latest in performance khakis—you simply need a pair of pants that will look and feel as sharp as possible. Our Wool Tropical Plain Weave pants easily become Big and Tall work pants without losing their renowned comfort.

The fabric here is different—100% wool has both a subtle texture and a level of warmth that can be great in the cooler months. But these pants won’t feel like a scratchy sweater from Grandma. In fact, they’re designed for easy fitting with your blazers to construct meeting-ready suits.

You can find plenty of color options here, too, ready to match with just about any blazer or suit jacket you have already hanging in your closet.

For the Casual Modern Office: Dress Denim

What if you want a pair of pants designed to suit a more casual, modern office environment? You can still look sharp and ready for work in Dress Denim pants. Consider these the ideal compromise between the casual style of jeans and the dressed-up look of quality slacks. The silicone washed finish means these pants have plenty to offer in the way of performance—and for Big & Tall guys, the self-sizing waistband can expand up to 4” to ensure that these are every bit as comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans.

You can self-size just about any of the options you see in the Big & Tall section here at Berle, which means you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of your wardrobe just to get a pair of pants that fit. Simply match the work pants to your needs and you’ll look your best in no time. For top quality Big and Tall work pants, shop Berle.

November 21, 2017 by Berle Editor
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