Big And Tall Men's Khakis From Berle

There’s nothing that can change your wardrobe overnight like a good pair of khakis. They’re great for dinner parties and holidays. They’re great for the office or job interviews. They pair well with button downs, sweaters, cardigans, and more. Being Big & Tall shouldn’t require sacrificing such an essential piece of the classic men’s wardrobe. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on Big and Tall Men’s Khakis, featuring some of the top choices from Berle. 

Featured Big And Tall Khakis From Berle

mens big and tall khakis

The Big and Tall Men's Khakis line from Berle includes a variety of fits, cuts, and colors. Here are some featured of our featured Big & Tall khaki trousers: (from left to right) 

The Rules of Fit Still Apply

The temptation with “Big & Tall” sizes is that you can find a pair of khakis that will drape nicely over your legs, giving you as much freedom and flexibility as you need. And while that’s certainly a great thing to expect out of a pair of khakis, it often means throwing any idea of reasonable fit out the window. Many Men’s Big & Tall khaki shoppers go a size up even when they don’t need to.

The goal here? Fit as well as comfort. Find them both and you’ll secure a pair of khakis that not only feel right, but also look right. 

Here are some basic rules of fit to pay attention to:

  • Your khakis should strike the top of your shoe, but not go any lower. If they go lower and start to sag through wear, you’ll find them shuffling against the ground eventually.
  • You want to minimize it. If your khakis are so wide around the thighs and knees that your skin is touching mostly air, it means your pants are free to billow and wrinkle. You want plenty of room, but your khakis should still be snug enough to give you a professional, tapered look.

Know Your Numbers

Big & Tall items aren’t just for larger legs. They’re also for custom fits that you can’t find anywhere else. That means if you have long legs and a small waist—or vice versa—your khakis’ individual numbers need to reflect that.

But what are these numbers, exactly?

  • Rise: This is the length from the bottom of the trouser crotch to the top of the waist. “High-rise” means you’ll likely have high-waisted pants, for example. You’ll typically see either L (low) or R (regular) here. Consider your body type and which types of pants you’re most comfortable in before you choose.
  • Inseam: The length of the pants along the exterior of the inner leg. This is essentially the length of your legs, from the bottom of the pant crotch to the absolute bottom of the pants themselves. This is a critical number for those who can never seem to get pants short or long enough.
  • Waist: The inches around the top of the pants—the beltline—constitute the “waist.” It’s hard not to know this number since you wear pants with waist tags in them so frequently, but you’d be surprised at just how often brands tend to get it wrong, so make sure that you do a proper measurement and know your preferred waist size.

Find More Great Big & Tall Trousers At Berle

Sound like a lot of work to get your Big and Tall men's khakis right? This small investment of time will pay major dividends down the road. Just shop from the Big & Tall section here at Berle to find the khakis that will fit you.