Men’s Big And Tall Dress Pants – Featured Items & Style Tips

For big and tall gentlemen, finding a proper-fitting pair of trousers can be a real hassle. Not only do you need to find the dress pants that fit your proportions, but it’s tempting to sacrifice a proper fit in exchange for comfort.

But if size men’s big and tall dress pants the right way, you won’t have to sacrifice either. Here are a few rules for getting the proper fit at any size.

Rule #1: Baggy is Bad—At Any Size

How do you find the happy medium? By remembering that baggy is bad, even in the world of big and tall dress pants.When purchasing men’s big and tall dress pants, it’s common to desire comfort and a relaxed feel. The problem is that you sacrifice a good silhouette without comfort. A proper fit will be snug and tailored without ever feeling like it’s riding up or cinching so hard that you can’t sit or cross your legs.

Here are a few signs your pants are too baggy:

  • Excessive billowing and wrinkling. If your pants bunch up above your shoes even while you’re standing, it’s a sure sign that you have pants that are either too long, too big, or both.
  • Dragging behind your shoes. Pants that fit your thighs but are too long down at the ankles will tend to drag behind your shoes. A properly fitting pair of dress pants will strike the top of your shoes while standing—but won’t go much lower.

Rule #2: You Aren’t Exempt from Fashion

When you buy your clothes from the Big & Tall section, there’s a temptation to want to “get it over with.” You don’t see these clothes as particularly fashionable, and you’re worried about the silhouette they might give you.

At any size, you deserve to look and feel your best. Don’t let a lack of interest in fashion become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Instead, take the time to use the self-sizers here at Berle and get the fit right. A great look and premium comfort will be your rewards.But the best thing to remember is that the same fashion rules apply when you shop from Big & Tall. You’ll want the proper fit (see Rule #1), good colors to match with the rest of your wardrobe, and the right proportions. That’s why it’s so important to avoid that boxy, billowy look that comes with what some men consider to be “comfortable” dress pants.

Rule #3: Get It Customized

Big & Tall is often associated with “off the rack” items. You go to a store, pick out something comfortable, and leave. But it’s better to have it customized. You want pants that fit you after all. Look for a store that offers the ability to enter your exact measurements when shopping online.

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