Essential Types of Pants for Men

No matter what you have planned for the week ahead, always remember that looking sharp is easy when you have the right staples in your wardrobe. If you’re ready to upgrade your look, read on! Here’s your complete guide to 10 essential types of pants for men. Or, if you’re ready to get shopping, browse our tailored collection by Berle, below! Complimentary hemming and free shipping are always included with your order. 

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Tailored vs Casual

Always remember that your dresser drawer begins with the trousers you keep. When it comes to building a classic wardrobe, every man needs a few pairs of both tailored and casual pants. The design you choose largely depends on the climate you live in as well as your own unique style. As a general rule, tailored trousers, such as our Wool Flannel, are best suited for business professional environments and more formal gatherings. On the other hand, our casual trousers are best for business casual environments and less formal occasions, such as a weekend night out on the town. Read on to find your perfect style. Or, start shopping below! 

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Cotton / Polyester

Our cotton/polyester blend is a wardrobe staple for those focused on comfort in addition to style. At Berle, these dress pants feature 60% cotton and 40% polyester. This balanced blend of fabric is what helps to achieve a comfortable and reliable garment that can serve you well in a variety of business casual settings. 

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If you thought that denim is only for casual jeans, think again! Take a look at our Men’s Dress Denim Trousers collection by Berle, and you’ll discover that denim can be transformed in an entirely different manner. While these pants aren’t a go-to for formal wear, they are the perfect choice for a business casual option. 

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Men’s wool flannel trousers are both classic and stylish. Although they are a traditional wardrobe piece, they never appear dated when included in a modern wardrobe. If you’re searching for clothing designed for the classic gentleman’s closet, then this is one of the rare pieces that stands the test of time. These trousers are perfect for more formal gatherings such as an interview or date night. Made from 100% wool, you’ll immediately see and feel the quality of these dress pants with every wear.

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Linen pants are a summer staple. Because of their lightweight design, wearing them in warmer climates makes perfect sense. At Berle, all of our linen trousers feature a moisture-wicking design that keeps you cool when the temperatures heat up. These casual trousers are perfect for a day on the golf course or Sunday brunch.

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Corduroy is a fabric weave that incorporates twisted yarns to produce a thick, ribbon-like structure. The small “cords” that run down the side of the fabric make corduroy one of the easiest fabrics to identify. Many people refer to corduroy as the “cousin” to velvet because of its luxurious feel. However, velvet is typically more expensive because it is made of silk. For men searching for comfort on a budget, corduroy is the perfect choice for adding a comfortable touch to your wardrobe.

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Prime Poplin

Many gentlemen like to keep at least a couple of pairs of poplin pants on hand for casual occasions. Take a look at our Prime Poplin collection by Berle, and it’s easy to understand why! Not only does prime poplin offer a classic look for casual wear, but it is also extremely comfortable! At Berle, our prime poplin is made with a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton making these trousers breathable and built to last.

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Like linen, seersucker is another summertime wardrobe staple. For those unfamiliar with this lightweight and breathable fabric, seersucker is made from cotton that keeps you cool thanks to its puckered stitching. This puckered design allows the garment to rest lightly on the skin. Whether you need to stay cool on a hot day or are looking to add a pop of color to your wardrobe, our Men’s Seersucker Pants are sure to be a hit.

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We hope you enjoyed learning about these essential types of pants for men! Now, it’s time to put your best look forward with Berle. Shop any of our exclusive collections, and enjoy complimentary hemming and free shipping on every order! With more than 70 years in the manufacturing industry, our team has perfected the art of delivering the best pair of trousers available today. Your upgraded wardrobe awaits!

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