How To Dress For A Wedding As A Male Guest

Search online for “how to dress for a wedding” and you’re sure to find all sorts of tips and suggestions—and many of them will be for female guests. But what about men? What are the best practices for dressing for a wedding so you look good without ruffling any feathers? Here are some rules of thumb on how to dress for a wedding as a male guest. 

Never Outshine The Groom

You know how it’s taboo for female wedding guests to wear white? The same rule should apply for men. In this case, the idea is not to dress to outshine the groom.

The groom will typically wear a tuxedo or a three-piece suit. In many cases, these weddings include ornamentations such as a flower pinned to the jacket lapel. That means you should avoid doing the same thing unless you’re a groomsman and you’ve been instructed to do so.

That isn’t to say you shouldn’t dress your best, however. You still want to honor the occasion by wearing, for example, your favorite pair of tailored trousers. Just make sure that when it comes to the suiting, you avoid looking like a member of the wedding party.

Dress For The Season

“Wedding season” typically refers to late spring through early autumn, those mild-to-warm months in which the weather is most likely to cooperate with the wedding. But let’s face it: sometimes “wedding clothes” can mean dressing with far too many layers for the weather!

To combat this, dress for the season. A light pair of Charleston Khakis in Stretch Twill is an ideal option for a hot summer wedding. Pair it with a tie and a blazer and you’ll look every bit wedding-appropriate. And because you’re a guest—and not participating in the wedding itself—you can feel free to experiment with all sorts of colors with your accessories.

Give The Occasion Its Proper Respect

Going to a wedding is an excuse to dress up. For the more fashion-minded among us, that means that we’ll have an audience for our latest fashion choices. But it’s also important to remember that weddings are social gatherings intended to be all about the marriage taking place. This is their big day. They’re the ones who invited you—and they’re the ones footing the bill for the food, the dancing, and the experience. It’s only polite to repay that kindness with the respect the occasion deserves.

One way of paying that respect is to dress the part. Dress your best! Now’s the time to throw away the denim in exchange for something a little more upscale, such as our Polyester Tropical Wool Pants in Flat Front. And don’t forget to use the custom fitting options with your pants to ensure that you don’t wear anything that’s excessively baggy or achingly tight. A proper-fitting suit is a sign that you regard the occasion with the propriety it deserves.


For most weddings, a blazer and tie are the go-to choices for men to wear. Make sure your belt and shoes match your outfit as well. Skip the sneakers, and opt for loafers or a similar pair of dress shoes. Depending on how formal the wedding is, you can consider other accessories like cuff links or tie pins.

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October 16, 2018 by Berle Editor
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