How to Style a Blazer: The Men’s Fashion Guide

Your blazer is your ultimate fashion statement and the key to making any outfit look polished and put-together. It has the power to take your everyday style to the next level, which is why it’s essential to know how to style a blazer like a pro. So whether you’re going for a more classic look or an edgy vibe, Berle has you covered. Read on to learn our top tips for styling a men’s blazer like a fashion expert!

The Basics: What to Look for in a Quality Blazer

The first step in styling a blazer is ensuring you have the right one. Quality matters regarding blazers, so don’t skimp on materials or construction. Here are some factors to consider when shopping for a blazer:

  • Fabric: Choose a material that suits your style and climate, such as wool, cotton, linen, or tweed.
  • Fit: Aim for a tailored fit that isn’t too tight or too baggy.
  • Color: Opt for neutral colors like navy, black, or grey to ensure maximum versatility.
  • Buttons: Choose brass buttons with a smooth finish for a more timeless look.
  • Details: Look for subtle details like a pocket square, lapel pin, or contrast lining to add interest to your outfit.

Now that you understand what elements to search for when selecting a quality blazer, let’s go over how best to utilize it in your wardrobe!

Wearing Your Blazer Like a Pro: Simple Rules to Follow

How you utilize your blazer makes all the difference. And knowing a few expert tips can make your blazer go from sloppy to sophisticated in no time.

It’s Not Part of Your Suit

One of the common mistakes people make when wearing a blazer is treating it like part of their suit. But remember, blazers are meant to stand alone! So don’t be tempted to match your jacket with the pants you already have—instead, start fresh and select pieces that work together.

Shorter Body Length

When shopping for a blazer, look for one that fits your body type. A properly fitted blazer should hit at the hips and be shorter in the body—this will make it more comfortable to move around in and look great with any outfit.

Accommodate Additional Layers

When trying on a blazer, bring along some extra layers to ensure it fits correctly over them. For example, if you wear a t-shirt underneath, ensure the blazer has enough room to accommodate it.

Mix Up Colors and Patterns

A great thing about owning more than one blazer is that you can experiment with different colors and patterns. Whether it’s a striped seersucker or a tweed jacket, having multiple blazers in your wardrobe will ensure you always look stylish, no matter the occasion.

Expert Tips: How to Style a Men’s Blazer with Different Outfits

You’ve got the right blazer, so now it’s time to learn how to style it. Here are our top tips for creating a killer look with your men’s blazer:

  • Go Casual: For a relaxed look, pair your blazer with jeans or chinos and a plain t-shirt. Complete your look with some low-top sneakers or boat shoes.
  • Work Wear: Turn a classic blazer into office attire with Berle’s ever-stylish Super 100’s Gabardine Flat Fronts and a button-up shirt. Add a tie and leather loafers to the mix for an extra dose of sophistication.
  • Dress Up: Layer a blazer over a dress shirt and dress pants to take your outfit to the next level, and add a pocket square or lapel pin for extra flair.
  • Night Out: Get ready for a night on the town with a velvet blazer paired with Berle’s Dress Denim Self-Sizer Flat Fronts and boots. You can also add an accessory like a bow tie or suspenders for a dapper look.

No matter the occasion, there’s a way to style a blazer that will turn heads. With these tips, you can make any outfit look stylish and fashionable!

Making It Your Own: Adding Accessories and Colorful Patterns

Don’t be afraid to add some extra flair with accessories and colorful patterns for a truly unique look.

Funky socks, a playful tie, or a black or brown Oil-Tanned Dress Belt from Berle can instantly elevate your outfit.

When it comes to color, opt for subtle shades like blues, greens, and purples that will match most of your wardrobe. Or try a patterned blazer for a bolder look that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Get the Look at Berle

We hope you enjoyed this guide on how to style a men’s blazer! Remember, no matter what accessories or colors you choose; the key is to keep it all in balance. Make sure your outfit is cohesive and tailored to fit your body type for a put-together look that will have everyone talking.

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