What to Wear with Navy Pants

Figuring out what to wear with your navy pants can be tricky, especially if you aren't wearing a whole navy suit where your colors are practically chosen. Fortunately, there are lots of different shirts, shoes, and accessories that you can wear to make your navy pants look fantastic while complementing the rest of your outfit. If you're not sure where to start, Berle has you covered. Read on to discover what to wear with navy pants to maximize your style.

Shirt Colors

To wear navy pants successfully, pair them with the right shirt colors. Fortunately, there are plenty of classic colors to choose from, including the following:

  • White is an excellent neutral color and perfect for workplace apparel, formal social events, and more.
  • Gray is another neutral and masculine color. It pairs well with navy pants, and it can work as the undershirt color for a suit with navy pants and a navy jacket
  • Red is a potential pick if you want to evoke a more energized, romantic aesthetic.
  • Or you can go with other shades of blue, like light blue shirts. Whatever you do, don't pick a shirt color that's the same shade as your navy pants. You want a little contrast in the pairing above all else

Brown Shoes

Navy pants also look great with brown shoes. Brown, orange, and yellow shades usually go well with blue when styled correctly (provided you pick the proper hues). Therefore, if you are ever looking for the perfect footwear to pair with your navy pants, go for some brown dress shoes, sneakers, or boots, depending on the weather and the formality level of the event you plan to attend.

Brown shoes might go particularly well with tailored navy slacks, like these polyester wool tropical pleated pants from Berle. With the right pair of brown dress shoes, your footwear will accentuate the rest of your outfit, helping you feel sleek and confident from the get-go. Brown dress shoes are also perfect for most work and formal social occasions, forming a decent "catch-all" semi-formal outfit alongside your tailored navy pants.


You can't go wrong with button-up shirts, a staple for navy dress pants and work slacks. Button-up shirts are mature, masculine, and perfect for both taking a date to a nice restaurant and showing up to the office. As mentioned above, a white, gray, or cream-colored button-up shirt will most likely go well with your navy pants.

The right button-up will go particularly well with comfortable, classy navy slacks like these Charleston khakis made of 14 Wale Stretch Corduroy. Tuck your button-up shirt into your slacks, pair it with a belt that matches your shoes, and you'll look ready for any office meeting or collaboration with an executive. It's a power outfit and a great go-to when you must dress to impress.

Belts and Watches

Don't forget accessories! If you're wondering what to wear with navy pants, consider adding belts and watches. A simple leather watch is an excellent choice for various social occasions, as is a matching leather belt (both leather pieces will be brown, which, as noted, will complement your navy pants). But you can also wear a silver steel or metallic watch for a more refined, elegant look, especially if it has multiple dials or hands.

Just make sure your belt is brown or black. Any other color will likely look strange when resting at the tops of your navy pants, no matter what trousers you wear. In some cases, your belts and watches can elevate the formality of your outfit or make you look more put together. For example, if you wear navy dress denim slacks instead of regular jeans, a minimalist watch, and a good belt for a business-ready look, despite not wearing standard khakis or slacks like most office dress codes default to.

Get the Look at Berle

As you can see, the sky's the limit when finding what to wear with navy pants. But remember, your outfit must start with the perfect pair of trousers!

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