What to Wear with Cowboy Boots for Men

Cowboy boots are fashion icons that won't go away. With the proper articles and accessories, cowboy boots bring fun to any social occasion, whether a workplace meeting, a backyard barbecue, or a wedding with friends and family members. But if you're planning to don your favorite cowboy boots, you need to know what to wear with them. So today, let's look in detail at the best things to wear with cowboy boots for men.

Cuffed Jeans (Sometimes)

Cuffed jeans are an old-fashioned, somewhat cheesy look that many guys can pull off with the proper cowboy boots. In a nutshell, this look involves cuffing your jeans by rolling them up a few times (usually once or twice). The point is to accentuate and exaggerate your cowboy boots, so you should only do this when your boots are something to show off. For example, if they're new or have nicely stitched patterns. Wear this look with a casual button-down or working shirt, as the cuffed jeans look is never very formal.

Or Try Raw Hem Jeans, Instead

To stay more on the casual side of things, consider wearing your cowboy boots with raw-hem jeans from time to time. These jeans don't have hemstitching at the bottom of each leg, so the bottoms fray over time. It's another old-school style, but one that has become more common over the last few years. But again, you should only wear this look if your cowboy boots are particularly nice looking or stylish, as eyes will inevitably be drawn to your feet when people notice the frayed, hanging edges of denim fabric.

Dress in Denim for Fancy Occasions

What if you want to wear cowboy boots to a slightly more formal social occasion?

In that case, you can get away with jeans – just make sure they are tailored dress denim slacks, like these trousers from Berle.

Dress denim provides regular jeans' comfort and color cohesion, but they look a little nicer. As a result, they pair perfectly with well-polished, taken care of cowboy boots that you've wanted to break out for a while. Combine these with a well-stitched cowboy hat, and you'll look like the model gentleman cowboy who has come home from a lovely day at the ranch.

Try Pleated Trousers for an Elegant Ensemble

Alternatively, you can wear your cowboy boots with pleated trousers, preferably with a button-down shirt (and maybe a suit jacket). Pleated trousers are appropriate for work environments or important meetings, such as with your investors or big ranchers.

Pleated trousers like these Super 100s Gabardines could work perfectly with your cowboy boots, especially if the rest of your outfit is similarly tailored and ready for business. Just keep in mind this is a more serious outfit overall.

Wear Your Boots with a Full Suit

Going to a wedding or graduation ceremony but don't want to leave your cowboy boots behind? You don't have to! In fact, you can wear your cowboy boots with a full suit. Generally, blue or gray suits are the best colors to wear with cowboy boots, as black is often seen as too serious and formal for these footwear pairings. You can then make your outfit look even better by matching your cowboy boots' stitching or accentuating colors with your tie, belt, or other articles you choose to wear.

Wearing your boots with a full suit ties a casual, fun-loving energy to the more mature aesthetic of a suit set. It's a great way to keep things light and fun as a man while also dressing stylishly. Depending on how much you want to lean into the Western cowboy aesthetic, add a nice cowboy hat to the mix, or opt for a patterned tie instead of a blank one for even more fun and light-hearted styling.

Get the Look at Berle

The critical thing to remember when pairing clothes with your cowboy boots is to keep style and fun in mind. Your boots should highlight your overall outfit. These aren't your typical everyday plain shoes, so show them off! And don't hesitate to check out Berle's tailored trousers for tons of great pants to wear with your favorite cowboy boots.