How to Match Your Shoes & Suit

If you’re like most men, you probably already have the perfect suit lined up in your wardrobe. However, the challenge begins when it comes to finding the correct footwear. You can have the best accessories and seamless tailoring, yet shoes have the power to make or break your look. If you’re ready to put your best look forward, read on for your guide on how to match your shoes and suit. 

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Consider the Occasion

Men’s footwear offers a variety of options, so where do you start with finding the best shoe for your suit? First, consider the environment and atmosphere for which you are attending. Here is an easy guide to matching your footwear for every occasion:

Formal Gatherings

When it comes to formal dress shoes, there are two staples that every man should consider—monk straps and oxfords. The shoe you choose depends on your unique style, so choose the dress shoe that makes you feel most comfortable. If you’re still undecided on which shoe to choose for your formal gathering, the oxford shoe is the perfect staple for those just beginning to build a formal wardrobe.

Business Casual

As a general rule, dress shoes with laces are one step down in formality in comparison with shoes that feature straps. For a smart-casual look, you may consider Brogue and derby shoes. Once again, the shoe you choose depends on your style. However, if you are at the beginning stages of building a smart-casual wardrobe, we recommend investing in a pair of derby shoes first!


When styling your suit for more casual affairs, don’t pull out the sneakers! You want to stick with a dress shoe that is sharp and dapper but also features a laidback look. Two of our favorite casual dress shoes to match with a suit include the loafer and Chelsea boot. If you’re undecided between the two, we recommend considering the climate. For warmer temperatures, opt for the loafer. For cold weather, go for the Chelsea boot.

Choose the Right Color

Now that you know the perfect style of footwear for your suit, it’s time to choose the best color for your shoes. Generally, you’ll find that black shoes and dark brown shoes offer the most versatility. Additionally, keep in mind that black shoes are considered more formal than dark brown. Here’s your guide to choosing the best color footwear to complete your look:

Black Suits

Black suits are one of the most formal looks that you can go for, so it only makes sense that you would choose the most formal footwear color, too—black. Other colors, such as dark brown and burgundy, tend to clash with a black suit. Remember, black shoes and black suits always go together.

Brown Suits

Brown suits are one step down in formality when compared with black. When matching your shoes, remember that dark brown shoes and tan shoes work best. As a general rule, black shoes tend to clash with a brown suit.

Navy Suits

Navy suits are one of the most agreeable colors. As for your shoes, black, dark brown, and tan look great with a navy suit. To pick the best color shoe for your look, consider the other colors that you’re wearing. If you’re wearing a dark tie, then darker shoes may work best. Or, for a lighter colored bowtie, lighter-colored shoes may flow better with your look.

Gray Suits

Gray suits are also quite versatile in terms of color. Like the navy suit, you can have your choice of either black, dark brown, or tan shoes. Once again, remember to consider the other color aspects of your outfit to choose the shoe that looks best.

Remember Your Accessories

In general, you want your shoes to match your accessories. For example, if you choose a black leather dress shoe, you would look best with a black leather belt. Or, if your shoe features a gold buckle, you should opt for a gold timepiece. 

As a reminder, your accessories should match the formality of your entire look, from suit to shoes. While a rubber watch can look great with a casual outfit, it will clash when the rest of your style is formal. The key is to create a seamless style where every piece you choose matches a theme. Choosing the right accessories is the key to elevating your entire look.

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