Blazer vs Suit Jacket vs Sport Coat: What's the Difference?

The blazer, suit jacket, and sport coat are three fashion staples that every man should have, but what’s the difference between the three? If you’re unsure, our style team at Berle is here to guide you! Read on for a proper introduction to the blazer, suit jacket, and sport coat. We even provided some outfit inspiration to help upgrade your wardrobe today!

The Difference

The blazer, suit jacket, and sport coat are three simple ways that any man can create a powerful and stylish look. The main difference between the three pieces is their level of formality. Here’s what you need to know to wear each of them properly:

The Suit Jacket

Of the three pieces, the suit jacket is the most formal. Typically, you’ll wear a suit jacket for occasions such as weddings and business-professional work. For the best look, opt for a slim fit. Remember, a proper fitting suit jacket is neither overly baggy nor tight. Additionally, you’ll find most suit jackets come along with a matching pair of trousers. For this reason, we recommend choosing a suit jacket in a versatile and neutral color, such as tan or gray. By doing so, you’ll find that it’s more simple to create multiple, stylish looks with your suit.

How to Style It

Formality is the key when styling a suit jacket. Once you’ve chosen a matching color palette for your jacket and trousers, opt for a formal shirt, such as an Oxford button-up. As a general rule, remember to choose a shirt that is lighter in color than your jacket and trousers. 

Add a pop of color to your look with a tie in a simple pattern. Depending on your style, both a traditional tie and bowtie wear well with a suit. When choosing the color of your tie, it’s always wise to examine a color wheel to find a complementary color tie for your suit. For example, a mint tie with a tan suit or a blue tie with a gray suit. 

For shoes, you can rarely go wrong with choosing brown leather dress shoes, such as double monks. The socks you select also depend largely on your style; no-show socks, as well as colorful patterned socks, can look great! Add a sharp accessory, such as a 36 mm or 40 mm timepiece in silver or gold.

The Blazer

The blazer is one step down from the suit jacket in terms of formality—it is a versatile piece that can style up or down when worn. In terms of fit, the blazer has a more relaxed fit, particularly in the shoulders. For formal occasions, wear your blazer buttoned up, and for more casual gatherings, you can wear your blazer unbuttoned. As far as choosing the color of your blazer, the options are endless! Burgundy is one color that wears well with a variety of trousers. Additionally, you often find blazers in sleek and colorful patterns. For more formal looks, opt for a blazer in a neutral color, such as black.

How to Style It

Unlike the suit jacket, matching trousers aren’t necessary when wearing a blazer. The most important fashion tip for styling this look is to choose three complementary colors: one color for your pants, one for your shirt, and another for your blazer. For example, dark gray khakis, a light gray tee-shirt, and a navy blazer. Because a blazer offers a less formal look, a tie is unnecessary. You can even pair your blazer with jeans for a smart-casual style. For dressier looks, opt for a pair of brown leather dress shoes. For more casual looks, leather loafers are an excellent choice! Complete your look with a sharp accessory, such as a scarf or a timepiece in gold or silver.

The Sport Coat

Of the three clothing pieces discussed, the sport coat offers the most casual look. Additionally, the sport coat has the most relaxed fit. However, you can still wear this piece for dressier occasions. Like the blazer, you can wear your sport coat with a variety of trousers and denim, so long as the colors complement one another. Sport coats often come with more color and pattern options than the blazer and suit jacket, so when choosing a color, feel free to let some personality show. However, if you enjoy having more outfit choices, a sport coat in a neutral color works best.

How to Style It

A sport coat is among one of the easiest pieces to style because it can be dressed up or down. Choose either denim or khakis depending on the level of formality that you’re aiming for. Always choose trousers that compliment the color of your suit jacket. From here, opt for a shirt that is lighter in color than your trousers. Gingham button-up shirts typically wear well with this look! As for shoes, select loafers for a more casual style and dress shoes for more formal occasions. Remember to add your accessory of choice to complete your look.

Upgrade Your Wardrobe Today

Now that you know the difference between the blazer, suit jacket, and sport coat, it’s time to put your best look forward. As one final tip, remember that your dresser drawer always begins with the trousers you keep. With more than 70 years in the manufacturing industry, our team at Berle has perfected the art of delivering the best pair of trousers available today. Shop our tailored collection, and enjoy free shipping and complimentary hemming on every order. Your upgraded wardrobe awaits! Shop now. 

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