Types of Men's Suit Styles: The Ultimate Guide

There’s a suit for every occasion, but which one best suits you? We know that choosing the perfect look can feel overwhelming, but with a few simple fashion tips, it doesn’t need to be. If you’re ready to put your best look forward, read on for a glimpse at every suit you’ll ever need in your closet. Here’s your ultimate guide to 10 types of men’s suit styles. 

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The Slim Fit Suit

The slim fit suit is the ultimate casual fashion suit. By trimming excess fabric, this style suit offers a sleek fit that works well with a variety of body types. A properly-fitted slim fit suit is narrower at the waist and chest without being overly tight. By highlighting the body’s natural contours, this style suit is ideal for portraying a confident and modern look.

The Classic Fit Suit

The classic fit suit is a fashion staple that every man needs in his wardrobe. It is perfect for formal gatherings, work in the office, and can even be dressed down for casual occasions. The look that you choose all depends on the trousers you wear. Chinos and khakis are ideal for a casual look, and tailored dress pants will keep you looking sharp and polished for work. When compared with the slim fit suit, the classic fit suit offers a more relaxed look.

The Single-Breasted Suit

The single-breasted suit is another worthy investment for every fashionable man. This suit features two middle-row buttons and is traditionally worn with the top button fastened and the bottom button undone. The single-breasted suit can also be worn unbuttoned for a more casual look. The front flaps of this suit are narrower when compared with the double-breasted suit, creating a sleek look. While it may not be as flashy as the double-breasted suit, it offers plenty of versatility as it can easily be dressed up or down.

The Double-Breasted Suit

The double-breasted suit is more formal than the single-breasted suit. This suit is characterized by six standard buttons on the front. Additionally, the double-breasted suit features more emphasized overlapping front flaps. This classic suit offers an elegant and classic look with a bit more extravagance when compared with the single-breasted suit. This suit type is extremely flattering for all body types, creating a V-shaped silhouette with the fastening of the middle row of buttons.

Shawl Lapel

The shawl lapel is the perfect suit for an elegant evening. This suit offers the same formality as a tuxedo or lavish dinner jacket. For extravagant nights out, the shawl lapel is a classic piece that every man should own. A traditional white tuxedo shirt always works well with the shawl lapel. Complete your look with tailored trousers, a black bow tie, and black monk straps or oxfords for a timeless and sharp look.

Peak Lapel

In terms of formality, the peak lapel is one notch above the shawl lapel. The main difference between the two suits is the upward turned lapel edges found directly below the collar. While this suit may not be as popular as the shawl lapel, it is still a worthy investment for those who want to add additional flair to their look. Style your peak lapel suit in a similar fashion as you would your shawl lapel. If you are undecided between a shawl lapel and peak lapel for your formal occasion, remember that both suits work well—simply choose the style that makes you feel most confident and comfortable.

The Summer Suit

For men living in warmer climates, the summer suit is a must! This wardrobe staple is the ideal choice for summer weddings, as the material works to keep your body cool while maintaining a seamless and elegant look. Unlike the classic suit, summer suits tend to wrinkle a bit easier—as a result, the look is more relaxed. Your ideal summer suit should come in a light-weight and breathable fabric such as linen or cotton. Keep your look extra cool by opting for a summer suit in a lighter color, such as light gray or khaki.

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