What Is Proper Interview Attire for Men?

If you’ve recently been invited in for an interview, congratulations! Now that you’ve made an impression with your resume and cover letter, it’s time to prepare for the next step. If you’re wondering, “What is proper interview attire for men?” read on to perfect your look with Berle. Don’t let a fashion mistake cost you your dream job. You deserve this! Here’s how to put your best look forward. 

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The Blazer

A blazer is the perfect interview attire for a business-casual setting. You can either dress it up or down, making it an extremely versatile wardrobe staple. If you’re aiming for a dressier look, remember to button up your blazer. For a less formal look, leave your blazer unbuttoned. When styling this look for an interview, we recommend choosing your jacket in a lighter color, like gray or tan.

The Suit Jacket

In terms of formality, the suit jacket is one step above the blazer. While the blazer offers a more relaxed fit, the suit jacket provides a slim fit. Remember that a properly fitting suit jacket should be neither baggy nor overly tight. Choose the color of your suit jacket wisely depending on the formality of the interview. As a general rule, black offers the most formal look. Always pair your suit jacket with a pair of matching dress pants.

The Polo

The classic Polo shirt is ideal for more casual interview settings. It is dressy enough to make a great impression while also not being overly formal for work environments such as a warehouse or manufacturing environment. When choosing your Polo, we recommend opting for a solid color without any loud patterns. Light blue, navy, and gray are always excellent choices. Complete your look with a pair of tailored chinos or khakis.


Dress shoes are essential for every interview, no matter what the setting. Keep in mind that dress shoes come in a variety of styles, ranging from formal to more casual. For more formal settings, a pair of oxfords or monk straps are a classic choice. Brogue and derby shoes work perfectly for business-casual interviews, while Chelsea boots and loafers are great for casual interview settings. Always opt for shoes in classic colors like black, dark brown, or tan. By keeping your look neutral, you’ll avoid drawing attention away from your resume due to overly flashy shoes.


Carefully chosen accessories can highlight your attention to detail. Avoid overly flashy accessories and opt for minimalistic pieces that elevate your look. Remember, the ultimate goal is to look sharp without drawing attention away from your resume. Wearing a timepiece is always a wise choice as it shows that you care about your time and the time of your potential employer. Additionally, you always want to wear a belt with your trousers. As a general rule, choose a belt that matches the color of your shoes. By doing so, your outfit will flow seamlessly.

Helpful Tips for Choosing Your Attire

Here are a few key tips to assist you as you select your interview attire: 

  • Always have one or two chosen outfits available in your wardrobe for an interview. It isn’t uncommon for employers to request an interview on the same week that they reach out. In this case, you’ll feel confident knowing that you already have the perfect outfit ready in your closet.
  • Do your research ahead of time to gauge the environment you’ll be interviewing in. By viewing a company’s social media, you can get a better idea of what other employees are wearing. This will help you avoid over or underdressing for your interview.
  • Don’t neglect other aspects of your overall look. Make sure that your hair, nails, and facial hair are freshly trimmed. Remember, attention to detail matters.

Put Your Best Style Forward with Berle

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