Men’s Tailored Fit Trousers For Business & Casual Wear

You don’t judge jeans. Jeans are great. But at some point in your professional life, you may realize that jeans aren’t always enough to look your best in a business setting. That’s when you come around to men’s tailored fit trousers. Sometime in every man’s life, you realize that tailored trousers don’t have to be matched with suits alone. They truly can be an “every day” pant that you wear five days a week.

Find the Fit First, and the Rest Will Follow

The key word here is tailored trousers. It’s not enough to simply wear trousers that are a cut above casual pants. If you want to look your best, those pants had better fit properly. In all, a tailored fit means more comfort and more style points on the board.

Our men’s tailored fit trousers, like our Super 100’s, are available for your online customization, including essential measurements like:

  • Rise
  • Waist
  • Inseam
  • Bottom finish

Knowing your preferences for each of these will ensure that you order a proper fitting pair of tailored trousers—not just an off-the-rack solution.

Pairing Tailored Trousers with More than Just Suits

Let’s be honest: most of your trouser wear will be for the office setting. Sure, there will be the occasional formal gathering along the way, but when it comes to weekday use, work is where it’s at. That means you’ll want to try more than just one pairing for your tailored trousers. In fact, you can try all sorts of tops to match your trousers:

  • Paired with a dress shirt underneath, a sweater can be a nice casual alternative to the usual suiting. Better yet, you maintain a “business casual” look.
  • Another form of sweater, cardigans can look just as great on top of a button-down shirt. You might want to use a flat front khaki-colored tailored trouser to match.
  • It seems like vests are always “in,” and 2017 is no different. Add a tie to enhance the look of your outfit or simply keep a vest handy for casual comfort.

All of these options can be worn on top of dress shirts—but you can always wear just a dress shirt and tie if you run out of other ideas.

Find a Few Colors

Most men keep a couple of tailored trousers in their drawers: black, navy, and….nothing else. But you can get away with wearing tailored trousers every day if you have more options to choose from. Maybe gray suits your office. Khaki is always a classic color that’s as versatile as it is simple. Just check out all of the shades that our Super 130’s Tasmanian Gabardine trousers come in, and you’ll see that there’s no strict rule that says you have to stay loyal to any particular color.

Finally, keep browsing. There’s a chance that one pair of tailored trousers won’t inspire you, but the next one will become your new favorite piece. The more you try them out, the more you’ll find an option you can enjoy any day of the week.

January 24, 2017 by Berle Editor
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