Men’s Trousers for All Weather

You might have an idea of what you want to wear today, but the weather might have something else to say on the matter. The question becomes, how do you coordinate your outfit based on what the weather will be? Simple: by fitting the trousers to the weather report. Here are a few trousers for all weather to get you through hot, cold, and wet days.

Trousers for Cold Weather: Flat Front Corduroys

When the weather is cool and autumnal, you need to put more material between your legs and the air outside. It’s a simple enough concept, but which material or fabric weave makes for the best cold weather trousers?

We recommend flat front corduroys. The reason these work so well in cooler weather is that they feature thick fabric. And because the fabric is ribbed, it offers more texture than a thin, smooth pair of pants. That means more protection from the outdoors while enjoying a comfortable respite from the cold.

Trousers for Hot Weather: Charleston Khakis

Charleston isn’t a city known for cool, dry days. That’s why Charleston Khakis are light, comfortable, and breathable—three essential elements for the hot Charleston weather. You don’t have to be from South Carolina to get the most out of these hot weather trousers, either.

The key here: breathable cotton. While many of our trouser options are made from cotton, Charleston Khakis feature a light weave that drapes easily on the leg. That means more air can move through the trousers. The more air moves, the more you’ll have the cooling effect your legs need.

Rainy Day Trousers: Performance Khaki

Wrinkle and stain resistance is great indoors, but what about when the outdoors is just as wet? That’s when a Performance Khaki comes in handy. A pair of khakis that’s ready to handle a stain indoors is going to do just as well against the rain.

The cotton twill weave in these pants is versatile enough for hot or cool weather, but the stain resistance will give you that added layer of protection against rainy days. With a little bit of moisture protection, your casual khakis can handle wet weather and leave you feeling your best when you arrive indoors.

For Icy Days: Wool Trousers

Depending on where you live, a “cool” day might refer to 60 and sunny… or it might refer to just above freezing. But how can you keep looking your best when “cool” drops to “cold” by any standard?

Wool trousers are your best bet here. Because wool insulates even when it’s wet, it offers additional protection on snowy or icy days. That means you don’t have to worry if it’s a bit rainy outside—you’ll still get some of that wool insulation while you find your way to the nearest space heater.

The advantage here is that wool doesn’t have to be thick and scratchy. That perception might apply for wool blankets, but a comfortable pair of wool trousers will feel more like cotton even while insulating like wool.

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The real lesson here? No matter where you live, there’s probably a pair of tailored men’s trousers you can use to beat the weather.