Men’s Casual Pants: 5 Fresh Alternatives to Jeans

Jeans are great. They’re versatile, comfortable, and they often look well when paired with a sharp dress shirt and a nice pair of boots. But your wardrobe is more than your jeans. Here are five men’s casual pants alternatives to jeans to help you get through #NoJeansJanuary and beyond.

Option #1: Men’s Basic Khakis

There’s nothing stuffy and uncomfortable about an essential pair of khakis. The Basic Khakis you see here should be considered a wardrobe staple: they’re slightly dressier than jeans but come with the same versatility, which means you can wear them virtually anywhere and never look out of place.

The color “Stone” is perfect for matching just about anything, but the classic “Khaki” is no less versatile. There’s something fool-proof about the right pair of khakis in your wardrobe, which is why this jeans alternative is first in our line-up of men’s casual pants.

Option #2: Seersucker Flat Front Khakis

Seersucker is more versatile than most people give it credit for. And visually, there’s no mistaking the upgrade it represents over traditional store-bought denim. It’s durable, strong, and comfortable enough to wear throughout even the hottest seasons. The color options here are even more interesting. Find something that fits with the tops and jackets you already have in your wardrobe.

Option #3: Men’s Dress Denim

Sure, this is a list about finding alternatives to denim. So you might be surprised to see the word “denim” on the list at all. But dress denim is a whole different animal than the store-bought denim you’re used to. And in this case, that’s a very good thing.

Our dress denim pants are better paired with suits than jeans are, giving your wardrobe a little more variety for those busy office workdays. Even so, it won’t look out of place on Casual Friday—or Happy Hour for that matter.

Option #4: Men’s Corduroy Pants

A lot of guys stick with denim because other “dressy” fabric weaves can feel light and somehow less sturdy. To that, we say only one word: corduroy. The traditional cords that make up corduroy offer more surface area and plenty of comfort, giving your legs the heft they need for cooler months. If anything, it will feel strange returning to jeans after you try a pair of casual Corduroy pants.

Option #5: Men’s Performance Khakis

Let’s say you like these ideas. You’re open to dress denim and corduroy, even seersucker and khakis. You want to break out of the “wearing jeans every day” cycle you’ve been locked in. But there’s a problem: you feel like your dressier casual pants can’t keep up with your life. Snow, rain, spills, stains—no matter where you are in the world, you worry about what happens to your pants if you mess up. These Performance Khakis, however, are the casual option for any guy out there who feels a little clumsier than they’d like to admit.

No matter which casual pants options you choose, there are plenty of men’s casual pants alternatives to jeans that can spruce up your wardrobe. Chances are, you may even find a pair you like better than your weekday jeans.


January 17, 2017 by Berle Editor
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