Modern Classic Fashion Style Tips

For far too many people, classic fashion is a lost art form. But dressing your best is a great way to boost your confidence and put your best foot forward—whether that’s in the workplace or in your social life. If you’re looking for a new look, try a classic style with a modern twist. Here’s how to make a modern classic fashion style work in your wardrobe.

Tip #1: Dress Up A Little!

When you think about classic fashion, what do you think about first? Go back far enough and you’ll find photographs of both men and women dressed in extravagant dress clothing even on ordinary days. We need to bring that back.

That’s why it’s okay to dress up a little—to put your best foot forward. Here are a few options for classing up your wardrobe:

  • Stretch Gabardine Wool. Wool is a far better “every-day” dress fabric than most people give it credit for—it’s stylish, it’s functional, and in the right weave, it’s very light. Stretch Gabardine Wool pants are a fantastic mix of classic “dressy” style and weekday function.
  • Super 100’s Gabardine Flat Front. Want something a step above the usual supermarket khaki pants? Our Super 100’s Gabardine trousers are a fine choice for elevating your casual weekday wear to something a little more “classic fashion” with a modern twist.

Tip #2: Upgrade Your Casual Wear

These days, casual pants can refer to anything from sweatpants to khakis. That’s just too broad a definition. If you want to wear a modern classic fashion style, it’s time to change your definition of what “casual” wear means.

A great place to start is from the ground up. Take a look at your khakis. Khakis these days can be anything from bargain-bin, ill-fitting khaki-like pants to truly form-fitting pants designed for a suit. We think Performance and Dress should both be present. That’s why we’d recommend our Performance Dress Khakis. These plants include our self-sizing feature, so you can nail the size on the first try. Plus, the wrinkle and stain resistant twill offer added dimensions of performance that will give you the confidence you need to wear these even on casual Fridays.

Tip #3: Pick A Style & Run With It

Still confusing? Let’s make it more specific. What if you were to pick a specific trend or region that helped define your fashion choices?

In fact, that’s what many people do. The “southern gentleman” look, for example, has been popular for a long time. Not only is it specific and easy to define, but it’s also timeless. That’s why pants like our Charleston Khakis In Stretch Twill will have a lasting impact on your wardrobe. You can continue to turn back to this look and match it with other items you keep at home without a moment’s hesitation.

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