Get Made To Measure Dress Pants From Berle!

You know that old saying “fits like a glove”? We’re guessing whoever came up with that never knew how it felt to slip into a pair of made-to-measure dress pants. A great pair of trousers can help you look your best—and when they’re made to your exact specifications, they can feel incredible!

If you’re looking for great fitting pair of dress pants, there’s good news. You don’t have to shell out money for an expensive tailoring experience. Berle offers self-sizing options to ensure you get the perfect fit with every pair of pants you order from us. Learn more and shop today!

Self-Sizing: What You Need to Know

When you order a pair of tailored trousers from Berle, you can enter in you exact specifications. Of course, since self-sizing is all about getting the right pair of pants for you, it only follows that you’ll have to know a few things about how your pants should fit. That means knowing some key numbers about the size and length of your waist, hips, and legs…


This one confuses a lot of people. For your overall body, the “waist” is generally the size around the top of your navel. But when it comes to trousers, the waist refers to the beltline—the circumference of the very top part of the pants. You can measure this yourself using a tape measure around your belt line. It might be tempting to use the number from a different pair of pants, but be wary of brands with “vanity” sizing. They’re often inaccurate.


The inseam is the length of the legs measured from the bottom of the crotch to the bottom of the leg. Some people mistake the inseam for the total length of the pant from the waist. Don’t make this same mistake. Because inseam options often skip a number, you should go a size higher if you’re somewhere in-between. You can always use our complimentary hemming for that made-to-measure finish!


“Rise” is the length of the bottom of the crotch to the top of the waist. If you have short legs, you might want a higher rise to visually “lengthen” your legs. But unlike waist and inseam, rise isn’t measured in inches, but by three letters. R (Regular), L (Low), and S (Short).

Go for regular for a longer rise. The difference between Low and Short is in how they’re meant to be worn. Low rise pants are generally worn under the natural waist, while the short rise is designed to be worn at the natural waist. For dress pants, you’ll generally choose Regular or Short and make your choice based on your dimensions.

Ordering Made To Measure Pants

Take a look at our Polyester Wool Tropical Flat Front Pants, and you should have no problem understanding all of your individual options for fitting. Simply enter in your size preferences as well as your preference for a bottom finish. When you order, you’ll have a pair of made to measure dress pants specifically suited to your needs.

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September 25, 2018 by Berle Editor
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