Pastel Color Outfits for Men


More often than not, dressing as a man means wearing a lot of neutral shades like black, gray, and navy. These are stylish and easy options, but they can get boring after a while. Mix it up by learning how to assemble pastel color outfits for men. Pastels perfectly match the spring season and are a great alternative to your typical monotone shades!

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Tailor Your Clothes

As with practically all outfits, it’s a good idea to tailor your pastel suits, jackets, and other high-quality items. Not only do tailored articles accentuate your silhouette and unique body shape, but they’ll also reinforce the inherent class of pastel outfits.

Pastel Casualwear

For an everyday look, it’s a good idea to mix your pastel-colored clothing with neutral-colored articles. For example, combine a mint-colored sweatshirt with regular jeans, or go for beige/peach pants and a white or gray t-shirt.

Here are a few other clothing articles to wear with a casual pastel outfit:

  • Sneakers. Pair only white or grey sneakers with pastels colors. This will help to sell the casual outfit and nicely match the lightness of the pastel hues.
  • Henley shirt. Pastel shades almost always look casual when it comes to Henley shirts. However, you can experiment with other cuts of shirts to change the look or feel of the outfit.
  • Chinos. Stay fashion-modern and wear pastel colors by finding chinos in shades like blue and green. Note that Khakis also go really well with pastel-colored shirts and other articles due to their default light shades.

Tips for Choosing Pastel Clothing

It helps to have a few tips on pastel colors when choosing new articles for your wardrobe. Take the following points into consideration to help you assemble the perfect pastel outfit:

Skin Tone Matters

Think about your skin tone before purchasing any pastel-colored clothing. Specifically, figure out whether your complexion should be classified as warm or cool:

For example, if the veins on your arm look more blue than green, chances are your skin has a cooler undertone. The reverse is true if your veins look a little greener than average. This means you probably have a warmer skin tone.

Once you figure out your skin tone, choose pastel shades in opposite tones. This subtle contrast will help enhance the look of your skin and make the pastel colors in your outfit pop.

Go with a Loose Fit

You should also consider fit when purchasing pastel-colored outfits. Do not wear skinny pants or other tight-fitting clothing in pastel colors. Instead, it’s better to opt for loose-fitting shirts, pants, and more. In general, looser cuts are better for the casual aesthetic that pastel colors bring to your outfit. You can still go for slim-fit clothing, so long as they aren’t too form-hugging.

Consider the Occasion

Lastly, it’s important to think about whether pastel hues match the occasion you’re dressing for. For instance, odds are your office manager won’t look too favorably on orange chinos or pink blazers.

Smart application of pastel color outfits, like casual cocktail parties or summer barbecues, can brighten up the mood of the event and make you look fashion-forward. Just remember, like with all nonstandard fashion decisions, you need to really think about what pastel clothes you purchase and how well they match the occasion before showing up in public.

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