Printed Shorts – When to Wear and When to Keep in the Closet

Printed shorts are fun, casual, and great accessory shorts for your masculine fashion ensemble. That said, they’re also unique enough that you should only wear printed shorts at the right time and place. For guys putting together a wardrobe for the first time, it can be tough to tell whether printed shorts are appropriate!

Today, let’s break down when to wear printed shorts and when you are better off keeping them in your closet.

When to Wear Printed Shorts

Truth be told, you can wear printed shorts a lot of the time! You just have to be a bit creative and keep in mind the level of formality for a given event. Printed shorts are pretty casual, even if they are made with top materials and tailored to your body/leg length.

On top of that, you can make your printed shorts look even better but pairing them with the right accessories. For example, sandals usually go well with printed shorts, as do hats, bead necklaces, and casual t-shirts.

Now let’s take a look at some of the best times to wear printed shorts as a guy.

To the Beach

Of course, printed shorts are the perfect clothing choices if you head to the beach with your friends. They're usually lightweight, aesthetically themed to the environment, and – since they aren't formal – it's not usually a big deal if they get wet or sandy. You can pair them with sandals, a loose aloha or Hawaiian shirt, and a hat or your favorite pair of sunglasses to complete the outfit.

As an example, you might wear these Charleston khaki icon print linen shorts from Berle. They're regular-rise and quite affordable, and they are available in three different patterns and color combinations. In any case, you'll benefit from the classic fit the shorts provide, plus the 100% linen composition.

To an Outdoor Summer Barbecue

Backyard barbecues in the summer are also stellar occasions to wear printed shorts. These events are usually pretty casual, and you’ll typically only invite your friends and family members.

Given the casual nature of the event, you can also pair your favorite printed shorts with T-shirts, graphic tees, and anything else you have in mind. This is truly a way to flex your creativity or just throw on whatever you have remaining in your closet during laundry day. In any case, printed shorts are certainly not amiss with fun, casual outdoor activities in the spring and summer.

With a Light Button-Down Shirt

Or you can wear printed shorts with a light button-down shirt. In this way, you might be able to get away with wearing your favorite printed shorts to casual conferences, workplace events, etc. Just be sure to pair your printed shorts with a button-down shirt of a complementary color.

Consider wearing your favorite pastel-colored button-down shirt, for example, with these Charleston khaki tropical print shorts from Berle. Not only will these shorts help you double down on your casual or tropical aesthetic, but they’ll also be comfortable and flexible for a variety of outdoor activities, from lounging by the pool to going on a short hike with your friends.

When Are Printed Shorts Not a Good Idea?

All that said, there are certainly plenty of occasions where printed shorts hard to the best ideas, especially if you want to look your best or make a good impression. These times include:

  • To a wedding, even a casual wedding! Even the most casual weddings don’t typically call for printed patterns on clothing
  • To workplace occasions with your boss, unless it’s specifically requested that everyone be as casual as possible
  • To job interviews

If you aren’t sure whether printed shorts are a wise idea, ask yourself how casual or formal the event is. If it leans more toward the casual side of things, printed shorts are more likely to be acceptable. The reverse is true for more formal events, in which case you should stay away from printed shorts in favor of khaki shorts, plain shorts, and other tailored shorts that are made of one uniform color.

Wrap Up

As you can see, there are plenty of occasions when you might wear printed shorts. Of course, finding the right printed shorts is crucial – otherwise, you won't be able to throw them on during the above casual events! Berle’s selection of printed shorts is perfect for guys looking to expand their fashion options, so check it out today.