The Gentleman’s Guide to Golfing Shorts

Golfing, just like other popular sports, has a uniform. It’s just a little less official compared to the uniforms needed to play other sports! To play golf with your friends, you’ll need good shoes, a polo shirt, sunglasses or a visor, and the right golfing shorts at a bare minimum.

But what if you’ve never purchased or worn golfing shorts and don’t know where to start? This guide can help, so read on!

How Long Are the Best Golfing Shorts?

Golf shorts are standard parts of golfing attire. Because of this, they usually have specific dimensions or features.

In general, golf shorts fall to an inch or two above the knee. That's intentionally designed to maximize your flexibility. With shorts above the knee, you can walk, jog, and twist while golfing, maximizing your gaming performance.

Berle’s flat front regular size golfing shorts are perfect examples. With 9-inch inseams and flat fronts, these golfing shorts are staple choices for both experienced and novice golfers alike. Even better, these golfing shorts are both water and stain resistant, so you don't need to worry about wet grass ruining the shorts anytime soon.

Indeed, many of the best golfing shorts also come with extra elements like:

  • Water resistance
  • Moisture-wicking material (which will help you avoid excess sweat if you golf in the hot summer sun)
  • Very deep pockets, which give you extra storage space in the middle of your game

When to Wear Golfing Shorts

Naturally, you should wear golfing shorts every time you go to a golfing game with your friends! Pair your golfing shorts with other official golfing gear, like polo shirts, sneakers, and white socks, and you’ll look the part of a golfing fan from head to toe.

You can also wear golf shorts with a bit of extra color if you want to spice up your golfing aesthetic. Unless you are a professional golfing athlete, there’s no need to stick to a basic, purely white-and-khaki color scheme.

Berle’s heathered micro/poly self-sizer golfing shorts are great examples of colorful, bright golf shorts that might fit on any number of casual golfing courses. These particular shorts are available in four different colors, lots of sizes, and feature the same 9-inch inseam you should look for. The lightweight heathered fabric is exceptionally comfortable, too, so it's perfect for longer golfing sessions with your friends.

Aside from golfing events, you can also wear golfing shorts to a variety of other social occasions, like:

  • Semi-casual lunches, oftentimes with coworkers or your boss. Golfing shorts can often pass for tailored, serious shorts depending on the color in which you purchase them
  • Some casual weddings, although be sure to ask the bride and groom if it’s appropriate before showing up in your golfing shorts and polo shirt
  • Other outdoor activities, like tennis (although you’ll probably want something even more flexible for that game!)

Pairing Golfing Shorts with Other Clothes

Your golfing shorts will only look fantastic if you pair them with the right accessory clothes. On the bright side, there are plenty of things that go well with golfing shorts.

For example, polo shirts are the go-to upper wear choice for guys who want to look excellent while golfing. Polo shirts are breathable, comfortable, and perfect for spending plenty of time on the golf course or outside, especially since they usually have quite short sleeves.

You can also wear plain T-shirts with your golfing shorts, though make sure that these are not graphic tees. Only plain T-shirts match the relative formality level of golfing shorts.

As far as footwear goes, clean sneakers or even Converse can work from time to time. However, you'll want to stick with good basic shoes while wearing golfing shorts. Anything overly flashy or complex stands the risk of making your golfing shorts look overly plain or boring, which can negatively affect your overall aesthetic.

The same goes for any other accessories, like watches, bracelets, etc. If you want to wear a watch, make sure it's a clean metal or leather band variety, not a watch with tons of flashing lights and bells and whistles.


Ultimately, the right golfing shorts will elevate your golfing ensemble and make you look the part the next time you head to the golf course. More importantly, great golfing shorts could enhance your game by giving you the flexibility you need to twist your body fully. Berle’s selection of golf shorts is perfect if you’re in search of a new pair, so check our offerings out today.