The Perfect Pants for a Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are always in style. There are lots of good reasons for that – summer weddings offer plenty of natural light for photos, the weather is usually good, and hosting your wedding outdoors won’t require your guests to bundle up out of fear of freezing! That said, if you’re planning to attend a sweltering summer wedding, you’ll need to know what pants to wear to avoid sweating up a storm.

Fortunately, there are lots of different options. Today, let’s break down the perfect pants for a summer wedding in detail.

Linen Pants

Linen pants are perfect choices when heading to a summer wedding. That’s because, as far as materials go, linen is one of the lightest and most breathable materials you can get. That’s true for both pants and shirts, which is why linen shirts are also popular summer apparel.

Many of the best linen pants are also available in natural, neutral colors. Take these classic linen pants from Berle. They're available in four different shades and with several different bottom finishes and inseam lengths. In this way, they are customizable and perfect for combining with other elements of your wedding attire, like a tie, shirt, suit jacket, and more. Of course, they'll also be cooling and moisture-wicking!

Linen pants shouldn’t usually be paired with a linen shirt, however, unless the linen is of the same level of thickness. Otherwise, you could appear a little too casual or “free spirit” for the seriousness of a wedding event.

Seersucker Pants

Seersucker is a cotton or synthetic printed fabric that has puckered and flat sections, typically arranged in a striped pattern. Seersucker is a popular summertime material because, like linen, it's breathable and moisture-wicking, although it's a little more visually interesting than either linen or cotton.

Just remember that you are essentially forced into pairing your seersucker pants with a matching suit jacket to complete the look. These seersucker pants from Berle are good examples. For instance, if you choose the default navy and white seersucker trousers, be sure to purchase a suit jacket with the same colors. Otherwise, you’ll look comical rather than stylish.

Cotton Pants

Cotton pants, of course, can't be forgotten, either! Cotton pants make perfect summer wedding trousers since cotton by design is very lightweight and easy to wear, even in the hot summer sunshine. Even better, cotton pants are ideal for pairing with many different other types of materials or clothing items, so they’re arguably the most versatile of the bunch.

Many cotton pants, like these cotton/poly dress khakis from Berle, are popular since they can be worn to summer weddings and to a variety of other social occasions. Consider choosing cotton pants if you want a pair of nice trousers that you’ll wear multiple times, not just once or twice over the next few years. Furthermore, be sure to tailor your cotton pants to your body if you want a versatile set of trousers you can rely on for years to come. That way, they’ll look good no matter what you wear with them.

Pairing Pants with Other Summer Wedding Attire

No matter which pants you wear to a summer wedding, be sure to pair them with the right other wedding attire. It won’t do any good, for example, to purchase tailored linen pants, only to show up in a T-shirt.

Even if the summer wedding in question is very casual and relaxed, you should still wear:

  • A tailored shirt of some type. It doesn’t have to be a dress shirt, but it should fit your body. Again, avoid T-shirts and especially graphic tees!
  • Good shoes. Most summertime weddings will be fine with dress shoes or even loafers depending on the formality level. That said, make sure the shoes complement your chosen summertime weddings pants
  • Thoughtful accessories. Depending on the pants you choose, a watch, bracelet, necklace, or other accessories might be just the ticket. You may also be allowed to wear a hat or sunglasses to the wedding if the ceremony is set to take place outside in the sunshine. A hat and sunglasses will let you view the proceedings clearly and avoid sun glare

Wrap Up

As you can see, you shouldn’t just consider the type of pants you’ll wear to a summer wedding. You should also consider what other articles you should pair with your trousers. With the advice above, you’ll look highly fashionable no matter what you choose. Check out Berle’s tailored and casual pants today to get started building the perfect summer wedding wardrobe.