Summer Business Casual Outfit Ideas for Men

Summer’s in full swing, and there’s some time yet before you’ll need to break out your thick jackets and snow boots. For now, any business meetings you attend—or any workplace parties you stop by—demand a business casual look.

Not sure where to start? Odds are, you already have several great items in your wardrobe to make a top-tier summer business casual outfit. Let’s dive a little deeper into this topic and break down what you should buy to complete your ensemble. Here are some great summer business casual outfit ideas for men!

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What is Business Casual, Anyway?

Business casual is exactly what it sounds like; it means wearing clothes that are appropriate for a workplace environment, but that aren’t as stiff or formal as a full suit. Granted, there’s a fine line to be walked, but a little consideration can help dismantle any mystery behind this style.

  • T-shirt with a graphic on it? Casual. A polo T-shirt? Business casual!
  • Jeans? Casual. Tailored slacks? Business casual!

With that out of the way, let’s break down some specific summer business casual ideas for men.

Light-Colored Trousers


Performance Dress Khaki Pleated, Stone

Flat Front Linen Pant, White

Flat Front Seersucker Pant, Light Blue

For starters, you can’t go wrong with light-colored, tailored trousers. Berle is a great resource where you can find plenty of quality business casual slacks for summertime weather.

Performance Dress Khakis are pleated and a perfect combination between business and casual, especially if you pair them with the right shirt. However, it’ll pay for you to consider material if you live in a particularly warm climate.

Linen pants from Berle are excellent since this material is known for its comfort and breathability, especially when it is hot and humid outside. Check out Berle’s Classic Linen Pants for some examples.

You can alternatively go with a material like seersucker. Berle offers Seersucker Pants for men in a variety of pastel colors, which go perfectly with other summer items.

Short-Sleeve Polo Shirts

Of course, pants are just half the battle. You’ll also need to choose a shirt. You can’t go wrong with polo T-shirts, which are breathable and more casual than a full collared shirt, but still not as casual as a graphic T.

However, you can also go with linen button-down shirts, especially if you decide to roll your sleeves up to beat the heat and look great at the same time. Whatever you choose, just be sure the shirt color matches or complements the color of your chosen trousers.

Layering if Needed

Depending on where your business activities take place, a little layering might be called for. Lots of business environments crank the ACs up, so indoors can feel a little chilly.

We recommend wearing a blazer or light jacket for these occasions, then wearing a polo shirt beneath. A long sleeve shirt is probably a better choice in these cases, as you can simply roll the sleeves up when necessary while also looking great while wearing your jacket or blazer. Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to business casual no matter the season.

Loafers and Dress Shoes

You’ll also want to consider some smart business casual shoes. Loafers and dress shoes are excellent picks, especially if the latter are polished every once in a while. Light brown shoes are a good color overall, especially since light brown matches a lot of pastel colors you might choose for your shirts and/or suit.

Alongside footwear, consider wearing a few accessories like a watch, a necklace, and/or some bracelets. Your mileage may vary on this point, as the right accessories are dependent on your unique style and personality.

Of course, you can never go wrong with a pair of great shades! Hang them on the front of your shirt or put them on top of your head when you aren’t using them to shield your eyes from the sun.

What About a Summer Suit?

Suits can still play a major role in your business casual wardrobe. You just have to be careful about what the suit looks like.

As with your trousers, try to pick a suit that has a lightweight and comfortable fabric like linen or seersucker. Furthermore, your summertime suit should be a bright color like powder blue or cool gray; both of these straddle the line between casual style and formality, and you can pair them with a checkered shirt or pastel-colored shirt to lighten the mood even further.

All in all, there are lots of ways to express a smart business casual style, especially in the summer. Take advantage of these options and stay cool while looking stylish at your next business meeting.


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