The Ultimate Style Guide to No-Shave November

No-shave November and time-honored tradition among men. Whether you treat it as an opportunity to ignore shaving for a month or as a chance to try out a new beard style you haven't rocked before, no-shave November is fun from start to finish. The message behind the movement makes it all the better.

But it can be even greater if you dress for the occasion. Let’s look at some key style tips to help you look your best during no-shave November, whether you sport some stubble the whole time or you grow a beard to make the manliest mountain men proud.

Why No-Shave November?

According to the No-Shave November organization, the tradition is all about raising awareness for cancer--“The goal of No-Shave November is to grow awareness by embracing our hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free.” The rules are simple: don’t shave for a month! The goal is to then use the money that you would typically spend on grooming and donate it toward the cause instead. There couldn’t be a better reason to put down your razor!

If you’re ready to go all-in with your wardrobe, too, read on for some style inspiration.

Start with a Flannel and Good Pants

You can’t go wrong when pairing your beard with a quality flannel. Flannel shirts are comfortable, perfect for a variety of weather, and are thematically linked to beards of all sizes and types. Pick up a few flannels in different colors, then make sure you have some quality plane undershirts to wear with them.

As for legwear, you can pair your flannel with thick wool flannel trousers from Berle if you live up north or if the weather is taking a turn to the colder side of things. Wool flannel trousers don’t look dated, but they also look good for smart casual events with a nice flannel you only wear once in a while.

Alternatively, opt for Berle's flannel-lined performance khakis. These stellar pants look great on anyone and, if you pick up trousers with the same lighting as the color of your shirt, your outfit will look unified and well thought out. Combine that with a great beard and you'll be the center of attention no matter what social occasion you attend next!

Try a Leather Jacket

That said, you can also combine your new November beard with a leather jacket. The right leather jacket automatically makes you look cooler than ever. You can get a leather jacket in black, gray, or brown; choose the color that works best with your hair color in skin tone for maximum style results.

Pair that leather jacket with tailored denim trousers from Berle. The right denim trousers will evoke that old-school, stylish motorcycle rider look you want to cultivate. But since the above trousers are tailored, they'll fit you perfectly and accentuate your style knowledge rather than look thrown together.

Accessorize your leather jacket with the right watch and sunglasses and you’ll look better than ever, particularly with a big, fearsome beard.

Denim Shirt + Non-Denim Trousers

Beards and stubble alike both go with denim shirts, too. Denim over shirts, especially when combined with a white or gray undershirt, is classic and old-school and can help you bring that old-fashioned masculine aesthetic back to the bar, school or anywhere else you go.

However, should you wear a denim shirt with your beard, do not wear denim trousers like jeans. Instead, wear tailored slacks, khakis, chinos, or anything else. Denim on denim might be iconic, but it’s not necessarily good!

Polo Plus Beanie Cap

Feeling a little more casual, or is the weather in that in-between phase where it's a bit too hot for a regular T-shirt and shorts but not cold enough for a full-on jacket? Try a polo T-shirt or long-sleeve shirt to up your style into the smart casual realm.

Then, combine that polo shirt with a beanie hat of a complementary color, usually navy, gray, or dark green. This is a good smart casual look that should suit you well throughout November and beyond, particularly if you choose to grow and rock a large, fluffy beard. Some guys will look especially tough with this outfit.

Shoes & Accessories

You can maximize your style during no-shave November with the right shoes and accessories. Oxfords are classic choices for smart casual occasions or for hanging out with your friends. However, you can also opt for sneakers or boots if the weather is rainy and cold and you want to keep your socks dry.

Then there are watches and belts. Leather watches usually look great, no matter what style of beard you choose to grow. But watches with metal bands can also be appropriate, especially if your clothes are on the darker side. Wrap up your outfit with a quality leather belt. If you wear a leather jacket, just be sure you don't wear leather pants unless you want to look like a rock star.

Get the Look at Berle

Keep these tips in mind throughout no-shave November, and you'll look great both in the beard growing phase and once it is ready to display to the world! If you’re ready to prepare your wardrobe for the fall season ahead, view the Casual Collection by Berle. Complimentary hemming is always included with your purchase!

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